Temtem ranked matchmaking and other features arrive in a new update

A Temtem outro animation
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Temtem ranked matchmaking is live now, and Temtem tamers all over the world are invited to start facing off in competitive battles.

The ranked matchmaking update is the first new feature to arrive from the Temtem roadmap released in late February. On top of kicking off a new phase in the Temtem community's life, it also adds new features that will spice up the competition, including special intro and outro animations for tamers and an early version of spectator mode.

You can launch into Temtem matchmaking from anywhere in the game by selecting the "Competitive" option from the social menu. You'll need to set a Competitive squad ahead of time from your Temdeck. Don't worry about their stats too much, because all of your Temtem will be temporarily boosted to level 48 with maximum starting values (SVs) to offer a level playing field. Your performance across battles will be used to set your Tamer Matchmaking Rating - or TMR, which I enjoy because it's nearly a recursive acronym.

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The game will attempt to set you against tamers with a similar TMR. Eventually, you'll be able to compete to win pansuns in matches, though that feature is temporarily disabled while developer CremaGames makes sure everything is in working order. That and other features will change over the coming months as the studio refines its vision and implementation for Temtem ranked matchmaking - including competitive seasons, leagues, medals, and a bunch of rewards to earn.

CremaGames has also introduced a new Battle Log feature to the game, which will let you see all of you and your enemies Temtem, as well as their current HP, stamina, and status effects, on a turn-by-turn breakdown. It's only enabled for competitive matches by default, but you can enable it for the rest of the game if you like.

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