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SFX 271 On sale now!

What's this? Jon Snow on the cover of the latest SFX? Isn't he supposed to be dead? Or is he just pining for the fjords? Join us for an informed, in-depth look ahead at season 6 of Game Of Thrones, filled with hard facts, smart conjecture and wild speculation - just the way you like it.

Here be dragons, as the old mapmakers wrote... possibly after sinking one too many pints of foaming ale at the old Sword and Spoiler. Plus: all the hottest SF news, reviews and previews, in your blood-smeared, non-gratuitously nude SFX, on sale now!

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As Stephen King's time-bending JFK drama 11.22.63 comes to TV we stand on the grassy knoll and discover just who's been changing history... Plus! JG Ballard's High-Rise hits the big screen and all the intel you need on Star Wars: Rogue One, prised from the Empire's clutches by our crack Bothan spy squad!


The Seven Kingdoms are calling! Yes, it's almost time to head back to Westeros - and in feverish anticipation we bring you 21 things you need to know about Game Of Thrones series six, the year the TV show outruns the books... Plus! Relive the greatest Game Of Thrones moments!


Hey, kids! It's me, Deadpool! And I'm breaking the fourth wall to tell you there's a funky feature on my new movie in the latest SFX! Hey, quit doing that with your hands... I can see you through this caption box, y'know... and it ain't pretty!


We dare to be on set as season six of The Walking Dead reaches its spine-rattling, sphincter-threatening conclusion. What's in store for our undead-dodging heroes? Plus! Cast and crew bring you an exclusive guide to surving a zombie apocalypse, filled with pro-tips from the experts!


He's the legendary director who brought us everything from The Omen to Superman The Movie to The Goonies - and now uber-helmer Richard Donner is in flashback mode for SFX, reliving his brilliant, blockbusting career.


The dystopian YA saga continues as the third book in the series gets mercilessly sliced in two for the big screen. We're on set, gabbing with stars Shailene Woodley, Theo James and Miles Teller!


Pride And Prejudice And Zombies on the big screen, The Martian on Blu-ray and DVD, Adrian Tchaikovsky's The Tiger And The Wolf in books and Huck in comics. Always remember: opinions are like wormholes. Every galaxy's got 'em.

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