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Sekiro Blazing Bull boss guide: How to defeat the charging beast

Sekiro Blazing Bull boss
Image credit: PowerPyx/YouTube
(Image credit: PowerPyx/YouTube)

The Sekiro Blazing Bull boss isn’t a hard fight so much as a long and drawn out one. The Blazing Bull in Sekiro has a large health pool and takes very little damage unless hit in the head. If you've ever tried fighting this thing before, you’ll know that hitting it in the head is much easier said than done. There are two tactics available, both of which you'll need the Firecrackers for. Read on for details on how to defeat the Sekiro Blazing Bull boss.

How to kill the Sekiro Blazing Bull boss

First of all, the Firecracker will stun the boss for a couple of seconds but can only be used every 15 or so seconds, so don’t spam them. The fastest way to fight it is to have the bull charge at you and then deflect the attack. This will leave it open for a couple of strikes to the head and will do a fair chunk of damage. 

The key to this strategy is to get the timing down, but also to keep an eye on your health and the burn build up that the bull inflicts. Failure to keep an eye on your own wellbeing will definitely lead to death, so monitor it closely at all times. 

The other strategy takes a while longer but is safer if you aren’t comfortable with deflecting yet. Basically, you want to head towards a corner while keeping an eye on the bull. Once it charges at you just jump over it and start poking it in the rear for a little bit of damage. If you rinse and repeat this enough the beast will fall. No matter which way you defeat it, there are two enemies who enter the arena after the fight, don’t forget to take them out for their insolence. 

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