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Rumour: Lex Luthor to sport a different look for Batman V Superman

Say the name "Lex Luthor", and one character trait instantly springs to mind: more iconic than his evil nature and pots of money is the fact that he's as bald as the day is long.

However, it sounds as though Zack Snyder is about to tinker with one of DC's most recognisable villians by taking the controversial decision to give him a full head of hair.

According to reliable fansite Batman News , Jesse Eisenberg has been spotted on set sporting longish dirty-blonde locks, with the report describing his look as, "a 20-something guy that pounds energy drinks all day".

Needless to say, this will likely rile up fans of the source material, who haven't been universally enthused by Snyder's plans for the project so far. Still, hair or no hair, we can imagine Eisenberg doing a cracking turn as Luthor, if his Mark Zuckerberg was anything to go by…

Directed by Snyder and co-starring Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill and Jeremy Irons, Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice will open in the UK on 29 April 2016.

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