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Read SFX On Your iPad And Computer

Shiny Digi-versions of SFX now available to read on Computer, iPad and iPhone

SFX frequently deals in worlds and technologies of the future so it’s only right that we move with the times as well, which is why you can now read SFX without fear of lethal paper cuts or causing further damage to the rainforests by purchasing a digital version from digital publishers Zinio .

Subscriptions and single issues (going all the way back to September 2009) are available now for a tasty discount on the cover cost, including 27% off annual subscriptions and 100% less walking to your local newsagent for single issues. You can check out a preview of the latest issue on your Mac or PC to see what the fuss is all about here , but best of all you can now read SFX on the move without looking like a weirdo on your iPhone or iPad thanks to the handy Zinio app.

It’s the future folks (though it definitely won’t be replacing the print version anytime soon, at least not until we get that cool holo-paper from Caprica / Minority Report ) and another great way to enjoy the galaxy’s greatest science fiction magazine. Direct links to subscriptions and available single issues can be found by clicking on the funny orange text.

Jordan is the Community Editor at SFX and Total Film. When he isn't watching movies or sci-fi shows of questionable quality he's probably shooting men in space or counting down the days till the next Zelda comes out.