PUBG and Deadmau5 are celebrating Amazon Prime Day with music, murder, and giveaways

It turns out Amazon Prime Day 2018 isn't just about ordering enough discounted loot to make your mailman cry, because Twitch is turning it into a celebration with a special PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds event on July 13.  Unboxing Prime Day will features new content for PUBG, a Squad Showdown, big name streamers, and EDM star Deadmau5.

Tune in at 11am PT, when Twitch promises reveals of exclusive PUBG in-game content for Twitch Prime users, giveaways, celebrities, and Deadmau5 performing his new single Monophobia with Rob Swire. You can watch it all at or right below this perfectly constructed sentence. 

The mouse-headed EDM icon has also teamed up with major streamer Dr DisRespect on some exclusive merchandise, which fans can snap up here. 

Twitch Prime is a perk you get if you're a member of Amazon's Prime service, and comes with perks like free games, in-game loot, and discounts on Twitch merch and online services. Right now the free games include Hue, Uurnog Uurnlimited, and Next Up Hero.

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