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PS5 restock deals could arrive at these stores this week

PS5 restock
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PS5 restock deals are still difficult to come by and often sell out within seconds. That's why it's important to know where to look ahead of time. We've been tracking PS5 stock since launch day all those months ago, so we've noticed the trends and patterns from retailer to retailer. This week we're looking to Target and Best Buy for some overdue drops, but GameStop is also a contender, especially if you're a PowerUp Rewards member. 

It seems like most retailers are saving up enough stock to have a larger round of PS5 restock deals some time in September. Whether we'll see those consoles this week remains to be seen, but we'd recommend keeping a close eye out between Wednesday and Thursday. That's when we typically see stores like Walmart and Best Buy releasing their stock. 

The latter is particularly worth keeping an eye on. Best Buy has been saving up for a while now, having not offered more PS5 restocks since mid-August. That means there's something likely brewing, it's just a case of staying on top of the retailer to be in the right place when the pot explodes. 

Walmart, on the other hand, seems to have been selling consoles before shipping the previous round. That may explain the quiet week we had last week, as the retailer catches up on its backlog before dropping more stock. We don't expect much movement here, just like we're not counting on Amazon for more stock this week. 

Last week was a little slow, so we might be in for another round of PS5 restocks between September 6 and 10 (we rarely see weekend stock drops). However, Best Buy has been quiet for a few weeks now, which also suggests that stores are spending longer building their supplies before moving forward with another drop. 

As you'll see below, many retailers have been quiet over the last few weeks. We'll likely see more consoles hitting the shelves in a larger wave soon, and until then, it's just a waiting game. 

Previous PS5 restock dates at retailers

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How to find a PS5 restock: our top tips

If you're struggling to break through that checkout barrier, there are a few top tips to help you along your way to claiming your own console in this week's PS5 restocks. First up, it's far easier to make a clean getaway if you sign in and have your payment details saved. Adding all this information once there's a valuable console in your cart takes precious time, and it can take seconds for your cart to be emptied if someone else has got there first. You can always deactivate your account and remove your information from the site once you've got that DualSense in hand though. 

It's also worth paying closer attention to bundles during your PS5 restock hunt. We typically see larger value PS5 bundles sitting on the shelves for far longer than the consoles by themselves. You're spending a little more upfront but still getting the value of all the items included, at least when you buy through a reputable retailer. 

Speaking of reputable retailers, ignore resellers. We've seen consoles reaching astronomical prices on the resale market ever since launch. Don't give the sellers the satisfaction of snatching your console away from you at checkout just to sell it back to you at three times the price. We're seeing PS5 restocks hitting the shelves weekly now, so there's no need to pay desperate prices. 

If you're still unlucky during a wave of new stock, don't give up. Retailers like Best Buy and Walmart often release their units in waves, which means you should refresh the page regularly during the seconds after a restock launches

Check for PS5 restocks today

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