Pokemon Go may have revealed an entirely new Pokemon and the existence of Gen 8


A brand new Pokemon - perhaps even an entirely new generation of Pokemon - may have just leaked courtesy of Pokemon Go. PoGo community member Chrales tweeted a sprite of the potential new pocket monster, which was identified in leaked network traffic as Kecleon:

Longtime fans may be lifting their finger in protest, about to point out that actually, there's already a Pokemon known as Kecleon. And they're right! There is, but the existing Kecleon looks nothing like this (which means this new 'mon is likely not a variant of the one true Kecleon), and as Chrales points out in a follow-up tweet, the sprite's actual files designate this strange-looking beast "Pokemon 891".

Currently, the encyclopedia of all known Pokemon, the Pokedex, ends at entry #807. This has led to speculation the new Pokemon is part of an as-of-yet unrevealed Gen 8, which would theoretically feature at least 84 more Pokemon being added to the Poke-universe.

Another theory is that this is the "special Pokemon" you get for pairing Pokemon Go with Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu / Let's Go Eevee, originally teased at the end of the Pokemon: Let's Go reveal trailer. A tweet from the official Pokemon Twitter account confirmed said mystery 'mon would be one that players had never seen before, so it seems possible.

Still, that's a lot of conclusions to jump to based off two images of what basically looks like a grey Ditto with a nut for a head, so use Take Salt as you process your feelings on this (feel free to forget Splash if you need to).

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