Pokemon Go Jirachi: How to complete the special research quest A Thousand-Year Slumber

How to get Jirachi in Pokemon Go
(Image credit: Niantic)

If you're wondering how to get Jirachi in Pokemon Go because you're trying to complete your Pokemon Go Pokedex, look no further. The mythical Wish Pokemon is one of the hardest pocket monsters to catch in Pokemon Go, because it's previously only been obtainable by attendees of Pokemon Go Fest 2019, provided they complete the special research. As we draw closer to the final of the three events in Yokohama, Japan, it's expected that Pokemon Go Jirachi will become available to everyone through the leaked special research quest called A Thousand-Year Slumber. Here's everything we know about the tasks, including how to get Jirachi in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go Jirachi quest: A Thousand-Year Slumber

Thanks to popular Pokemon Go leaker Chrales, we have some of the details about the Pokemon Go Jirachi special quest. As mentioned, the title will be A Thousand-Year Slumber, which is in reference to how Jirachi only wakes up for seven days once every thousand years in Pokemon lore, although it can also wake up if you "sing to it in a voice of purity".

Thanks to the embedded tweet above, we can see all of the dialogue from the professor for the quest. The exact steps aren't included, but we can safely assume that they'll involve taking snapshots of Whismur, Loudred, and/or Exploud, along with catching Psychic/Steel-type Pokemon, as they're the same type as Jirachi. Also mentioned are things like "exploring the area" which might require you to spin some Pokestops you haven't visited before, and collecting information on Pokemon from the Hoenn region, which is the third generation. You'll also need to battle, likely in PvP or against one of the three team leaders.

As soon as the complete quest for A Thousand-Year Slumber is revealed, we'll update this guide with all the information on how to complete every quest step. Until then, you'll have to sit tight because the only other way to get Jirachi is to head to Pokemon Go Fest Yokohama, and even that's not confirmed. Plus, all the tickets have already sold out anyway!

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