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Outriders has a handy tool for selling or dismantling junk, but you may have missed it

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Outriders hands out a ton of loot -  your inventory may be full to bursting after just a mission or two - so you'll be glad to know there's a built-in Outriders quick-selling trick to save you a ton of time at the vendor.

It's easy enough to miss them, because they're just a series of blank boxes on the lower right part of your inventory screen. There are four of them, and if you click them, they automatically mass mark everything in your inventory of the corresponding rarity (click it again to un-mark everything if you chose the wrong option). Once you have all of your junk marked, you can strut on up to the vendor to sell it all for Scrap using the "Sell All" option, or dismantle it all for crafting materials.

This will be an especially big time saver once you get to the later game and have no need for petty mortal Common equipment. But even before that, as long as you're careful to equip upgrades as soon as you loot them (which is another one of Outrider's handy loot features) you should be able to hit those buttons in the lower right and spend as little time staring at the inventory screen as possible. Unless you like staring at your bumper crop of loot for a while before you offload it all, no shame in that - Outriders is a loot game after all.

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