Outriders cheats - what are the consequences of using cheats and trainers in Outriders

Outriders cheats
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Outriders cheats can be a very tempting proposition, especially if you don't want to put in the time to grind through the experience levels and hope that you get lucky with some rare loot drops along the way. However, using Outriders cheats can put players in a tricky situation, as although it's possible to progress through the entire game solo, part of what make the Outriders experience fun is teaming up with others and combining your different powers to maximum effect. Being matched up with a cheater can spoil the game for the other players, if they're making the effort to play legit.

Somewhat unusually, the game's dev team came out and made a statement ahead of launch regarding the use of Outriders cheats and the actions they will take against any players they detect taking advantage of them. So, if you're planning on installing an Outriders trainer to get a head start, then read this first so you know what you're getting yourself into.

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What happens if you use Outriders cheats and trainers

Outriders cheats

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As part of a pre-launch update on Steam, the devs laid out their approach to the use of Outriders cheats under the section titled Our Policy on Cheating and Hacking as they want to ensure that legit players do not have their game ruined by cheaters. The following actions will be applied to any player identified as having used Outriders cheats:

  • Repercussions are account wide, not character specific
  • You will not be able to matchmake with legit players
  • Matchmaking will likely take significantly longer
  • You will still be able to play solo
  • In future, your HUD will have a discreet but visible watermark placed on it so that gameplay footage created on this account can be readily identified as coming from a flagged account. 

If you used Outriders cheats on the demo but want to avoid being branded as a cheater in the main game, you have to delete all characters and all items on your entire account, and not carry over progress from the demo to the main game.

For clarity, the devs also detail what they consider to constitute cheating:

  • Intentionally running the game on PC without Easy Anti Cheat (EAC)
  • Modifying game files to enhance a character: levels, skills, inventory, etc
  • Externally modifying game time to reduce time dependent features such as vendors and challenges
  • Using a trainer program or similar to gain advantages within the game
  • Using gameplay altering programs such as aimbots or wallhacks
  • Individual players who are found to be being regularly kicked by multiplayer hosts shortly after joining may also be manually reviewed as an additional anti-cheat/anti-grief safeguard
  • Using performance tweaking software (such as RivaTuner for example) to improve a personal game experience is not considered cheating
  • Farming is not considered cheating

How to use Outriders cheats and trainers

Outriders cheats

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If you've read all of the above and are still happy to go ahead with using Outriders cheats, knowing that you can only play solo or matchmake with other cheaters, then you'll need to find yourself an Outriders trainer to install. These are only available on PC, so console players will have to stick to the straight and narrow as there are no Outriders cheats built into the game as standard.

Most of the Outriders trainers available at the time of writing relate to the demo, but now the full game has been released they should be updated soon. You can visit the resources at WeMod Outriders trainers and Cheat Happens Outriders trainers, ensuring that you complete your own due diligence before installing any third-party software on your PC. 

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