Outriders stuck at signed in bug explained and how to fix it

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The Outriders stuck at signed in or stuck on sign in bug is proving to be a problem for an alarming number of people who were hoping to get stuck into the latest looter shooter this week, right as the game launched. Unfortunately, it's preventing players from progressing to the full Outriders game, instead showing an infinite "signed in" status, but never getting any further. If you've run into this issue, don't worry; there's a temporary solution for the Outriders stuck on sign in bug right here, until it's fixed permanently.

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How to fix the Outriders stuck on signed in bug

Outriders stuck on sign in

(Image credit: Square Enix)

The Outriders stuck at signed in bug seems to be most common for PlayStation players on either PS4 or PS5 and is potentially linked to leaving the game suspended in rest mode. But if you're encountering it on another platform, this solution should do the job as well.

This happens when trying to boot the game up and rather than sending you to the main menu, you get perpetually stuck at the signed in screen. While the devs are being transparent about most of the issues with the game so far on the official Reddit known issues thread, this Outriders stuck on sign in bug hasn't shown up yet so there's no word on a fix.

For now, you can simply fix the issue by rebooting the game. The "have you tried turning it off and on again" trope really does work here. Alternatively, some users are reporting that genuinely waiting for a few minutes will eventually let you in, so if you reboot and get faced with the same screen, just idle for about 10 minutes or so and you'll eventually make it through. Hopefully, these are just teething issues at launch and the problems will be fixed before too long.

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