Outriders Legacy - how to get to the Quarry and complete the quest

Outriders Legacy
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When you receive The Outriders Legacy quest and complete the first objective, you're tasked with going to the Quarry. Where is that? Later down the line in The Outriders Legacy, you need to go to the Forest before you've reached it during the story, so how do you get there? These are questions players often wonder during this lengthy side quest in Outriders, so we're here to help. This Outriders Legacy quest guide explains how to get to the Quarry during that early stage, followed by cliffnotes for thr complete quest walkthrough.

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The Outriders Legacy Quarry explained

Outriders Legacy

(Image credit: Square Enix)

So you've spoken to Lucy, "rescued" Monique from her "captor", and returned to Lucy to receive the key she had. Your next objective is in the Quarry – but where is that?

In essence, you just need to keep playing and forget about The Outriders Legacy quest for now. This is a side quest that spans almost the entire length of the game so you won't be able to tick it all off in one go. Continue with the main story in the Wreckage Zone and then only after that, when you've completed the Mentor and Onslaught main missions, will you be able to travel to the Quarry.

When you get to the Quarry, you need to keep going until you lower the outpost bridge so the convoy can enter. Then, when camp is set up, you'll be able to switch focus to The Outriders' Legacy and search for the bunker.

The Outriders Legacy walkthrough

Outriders Legacy

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The Outriders Legacy quest is a long one, but if you're struggling, here are the cliff notes for what you need to do, as spoiler-free as possible. If you're not sure where to go next, chances are you haven't unlocked the correct region and you need to simply play through more of the main story.

  1. In Trench Town, speak to Lucy.
  2. Find Monique in Clearwater Springs - Wreckage Zone.
  3. Play through the main story until you set up camp in the Quarry.
  4. Find the bunker and unlock the first door within.
  5. Play through the main story until you set up camp in the Forest.
  6. Speak to Mercer in the camp.
  7. Find Sergio at Acosta's Expedition - Forest Enclave.
  8. Return to Mercer.
  9. Go back to the bunker in the Quarry and open the second door.
  10. Play through the main story until you set up camp in The Gate region.
  11. Find Sarah at Horrific Sculptures - The Gate.
  12. Go back to the bunker in the Quarry and open the third door.
  13. Finish the rest of the quest and receive your legendary reward at the end!
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