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Get the lowest ever price for the Lego Super Mario starter set ahead of Black Friday

Get the lowest ever price for the Lego Super Mario starter set ahead of Black Friday
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The Lego Super Mario starter set has just fallen to its lowest ever price, meaning that you can pick up the kit for $47.99 at Best Buy - or Amazon, if you'd prefer - instead of the full $60 MSRP. Meanwhile, it's tumbled to £34.99 at Amazon UK rather than £50. That's a reduction of 30%.

Bundled up with Best Buy's early Black Friday deals, the US offer on the Lego Super Mario starter set is the cheapest we've seen since it launched last year. In fact, the kit doesn't tend to dip below $56. That makes this 20% discount pretty eye-catching, especially because it's a particularly popular gift during the Holiday season.

Today's best Lego Super Mario starter set deals


Lego Super Mario starter set | $60 $47.99 at Best Buy
This is the kit's lowest-ever price, and I've only ever seen a discount that big on the Starter Set once before. That makes this deal worth grabbing before it's gone, particularly because it'll probably be a popular Christmas gift this year.


Lego Super Mario starter set | $60 $47.99 at Amazon
If you'd rather get the kit from Amazon, you'll also find it at its lowest-ever price there. The one time it was this cheap before was February 2021, so don't miss out - it may not drop to these levels again for a while.


Lego Super Mario starter set | £50 £34.99 at Amazon
Want to pick up the kit as an early Christmas present in the UK? While this isn't the set's lowest price (it's dropped to just £25 in the past), this is still aggressively reasonable. Just be aware that it may be reduced even more during Black Friday itself.

Although the Best Buy reduction doesn't have a Black Friday guarantee (an assurance its price won't drop even more during the Black Friday Lego deals), we would be surprised if it fell much further. Seeing as $48 is its lowest ever price and was only matched once back in February 2021, this is as good an opportunity as any. 

Despite not being quite as tempting in the UK (it's tumbled to £25 as recently as summer 2021), Amazon's 30% reduction is still worth considering - it normally weighs in at £50, after all. However, we'd bear in mind that it may well drop again in honor of Black Friday.  

Featuring an interactive version of the plumber himself to go with a DIY level, the 'Adventures with Mario Starter Course' is a great place to begin if you're building a Lego Super Mario sets collection. To begin with, it's the only kit to include Mario. More importantly, this blocky version of the Nintendo mascot will interact with any other Lego Mario packs you pick up (including the Lego Luigi Starter Set). That makes it one of the best Lego sets if you're a Super Mario fan.

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You'll find all the latest Lego Super Mario Starter set prices from around the web just below, with our price comparison technology highlighting the best discounts from all your favorite retailers. 

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