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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Old Man locations, warm doublet recipe, paraglider shrine

Keh Namut Shrine

The last shrine on the Great Plateau is to the west.

Again, it's in the snowy region so make sure you can survive the journey with a warm doublet or cold resistant meal.

Interact with the plinth to get the ability to create icy platforms on the surface of water.

Use that power on the small pool in front of you to reach the platform opposite.

Next, create a platform underneath the gate to lift it up. 

As you walk to the next area, you'll spot a chest on a platform nearby. Create an ice pillar to reach it and nab the Traveler's Spear inside.

To complete the final puzzle, make the slab into a ramp by forming an ice pillar underneath one of the ends. 

Once you've exited the shrine, the Old Man will glide down and tell you - in a roundabout way - to meet him at the Temple of Time. H

Once you reach the temple, head inside and he'll announce his presence. Climb up to the roof to speak to him one last time and get the paraglider. The world is now your oyster. Enjoy!

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