All The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Shrine locations and solutions

Breath of the Wild Shrine locations

All The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild shrines locations and solutions are here, with 120 different shrines across Hyrule for you to find. Each one provides a spirit orb that can be spent to improve hearts and stamina, and by completing all the shrines in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you can boost Link's stats to an incredible degree.

Not all shrines will be as straightforward as strolling up to the door and walking in however. Some have attached quests that you'll need to complete first. These shrine quests can be given to you by certain people, or will only become available after completing other side quests. The first four shrines are located on the Great Plateau, and are designed to get you into the swing of things while working out how to use your new powers. We've covered them in our Breath of the Wild Old Man locations guide, but the remaining locations and solutions for the other 116 are all here, if you need a hand. 

We encourage you to give them a whirl on your own at first, so as not to spoil the fun. But if you find yourself tearing your hair out, we've got your back.

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Dueling Peaks Tower

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#1 - Bosh Kala Shrine

This shrine is on the west side of Hylia River, south of Proxim Bridge, and is all about your paraglider.

Nip up the stairs to the left to glide across to the first treasure chest on the platform to the right. 

Drop back down and head to the next room. The fan here will blow you across to the next platform where you can reach the altar and finish.

If you want the chest, stay in the stream of wind  until you're almost parallel to the chest, then turn towards it and land on the platform.

#2 - Hila Rao Shrine

The Hila Rao shrine is located on the Floret Sandbar, north of Dueling Peaks tower, and between Horwell and Eagus Bridges.

Follow the path through the flowers in a clockwise direction to avoid the dire consequences as a result of stepping on them.

Once inside, cross the stream using the wooden raft. If it's too fast for you, don't forget about your Stasis ability.

The next stream is larger and you'll need to cross three rafts to get to the other side. There's a metal chest in the water near the opposite side, so you use Magnesis on your way across to lift it out.

Use Cryonis in the next room to get within reach of the destructible wall to throw a bomb at it. There's a chest in the water here that you can lift our with an ice pillar. 

#3 - Ha Dahamar Shrine

You'll find this shrine near Duelling Peaks Stable and it's surrounded by surprisingly deadly giant brambles. Circumvent them by climbing up to the platform near the shrine and gliding down. They'll disappear once you complete the shrine. 

Navigate across the first two platforms using Cryonis. Before going up the steps, use Cryonis to create a horizontal ice platform in the waterfall, and hop up to reach the chest. 

The final puzzle requires you to position three ice blocks on the wall to redirect the orb into its hole.

The first one should be at the bottom of the seesaw, on the right side, and the second should higher up, directly underneath the left side of the seesaw. This will stop it from tipping when the ball drops onto it, and give it the extra bit of platform it needs make it across to the hole.

The final block should be positioned in line with the end of the first ramp, and slightly over to the left. 

The ball should now roll down, hit the block at the end of the ramp, fall onto the seesaw which won't be able to tip, thanks to the block underneath, then roll down onto the next block at the end of the seesaw, and roll onto the platform below and into its hole. 

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#4 - Ree Dahee Shrine

This shrine is in between the Dueling Peaks. It's on the shore opposite the road. Just climb up the cliff to the first ledge and follow the path westwards to find it at the end.

Step on the floor switch to released and orb that will roll down the tilted platform into its hole. Cross the gap using the activated moving platform.

Once again, use the floor switch to release an orb, but you'll need to get off the switch before the orb reaches the end to flip it up and across to the platform on the right, and into its hole. Think of it as a pinball flipper and you should figure it out in no time. Take the moving platform over to the other side.

To get the chest, use Magensis to commandeer a metal barrel from the platform below and take it back across to the previous floor switch. Pop the barrel on it to keep it pressed down and head back across on the moving platform. You can now walk up the ramp to get the chest. You can also use Stasis on the switch but the barrel is the least stressful method. I should know. I only discovered the barrels afterwards. 

#5 - Shee Vaneer Shrine

Climb up towards the summit of the souther Dueling Peak and you'll find this shrine sitting at the top.

The sister shrine, Shee Venath, is at the top of the northern peak, and both shrines have a pattern on the floor that must be recreated in their twin. 

With each column numbered one to five from left to right, and going from the row at the far end of the room and working down towards the entrance, the solution is 5, 1, 2, 4, 2.

Before you leave, take the lift up to the observation platform, jump off, and use your paraglider to drift around the wall to the left and onto the ledge with a chest on it. 

#6 - Shee Venath Shrine

This shrine is at almost at the very top of the northern Dueling Peak and is best reached by gliding down from the Shee Vaneer shrine. 

You have to reorganise the orbs to recreate the pattern on the floor of the sister shrine, Shee Vaneer. 

With each column numbered one to five from left to right, and going from the row at the far end of the room and working down towards the entrance, the solution is 2, 4, 1, 3, 5.

Before you leave, take the lift up to the observation platform, jump off, and use your paraglider to drift around the wall to the right and onto the ledge with a chest on it.


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#7 - Toto Sah Shrine

This shrine is to the southeast of Dueling Peaks and is hidden behind a destructible wall alongside the river coming down from the waterfall. Incidentally the treasure for the Misko, The Great Bandit side quest is at the top of the waterfall.

Get yourself onto the rock in the middle of the river and throw a bomb at the wall opposite. The current will carry it down to the wall, and you can detonate it there to reach the shrine.

The puzzles in here utilise the gyroscope in the controllers. Rotate the first pillar to form a bridge to the opposite platform, but you should turn it upside down to reveal the chest on the underside.

The second puzzle requires you to align the three sets of steps so that you can use them to reach the next platform. Gently move the controller to get them in line, then tip them at an angle so you go from bottom to top.

For the third puzzle, you have to reach the chest as it contains a key that you need to progress. Turn your controller upside down and arrange the the platform so that the chest is at the top of the ramp.

Now turn the platform right side up, slide the stairs to the right, and turn it so that you can step onto the platform. Use the key on the door on the platform at the top and we're done here.

#8 - Ta'Loh Naeg Shrine

This shrine is in Kakariko Village. Follow the path up the hill at the back of the village to find it. 

This is essentially a combat tutorial, so just follow the instructions on the screen, grab the treasure from the three chests, and fanny's your aunt. 

#9 - Lakna Rokee Shrine

The Kakariko shrine quest The Stolen Heirloom will lead you to this shrine, but first you have to complete Flown the Coop, By Firefly's Light, and Find the Fairy Fountain side quests.

It's worth tailing the initial two suspects just to see what they're up to, but when you're ready to head to the shrine, wait until nightfall and you'll spot the guard Dorian running off up the hill.

Tail him until he crosses the bridge and arrives at the clearing on the other side. Following him across will trigger a cutscene and a fight will ensue. Ice arrows are particularly useful is your weapons aren't brilliant as they'll give you a safe opening to get a couple of hits in.

After the battle, pop the orb into its hold and head into the shrine. Grab the treasure and examine the altar to clear it. 

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