The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Shrine locations and solutions guide

Woodland Tower

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#1 - Mirro Shaz Shrine

The shrine is on the northern side of Pico Pond, southeast of Woodland Tower, close to the Woodland Stable.

Follow the path to the first area and open the chest to find an Iron Sledgehammer. You need to cast Stasis on the orb and whack it with the hammer until the arrow turns red, aiming at the pedestal, to open the gate to the next room.  If you mess up, hit the crystal and keep trying.

In the next room, use Stasis on the cube and smack it so that it hits the large slab, creating a platform to the altar.

In the altar room, go down the passage to the left to find another orb set up. Whip out a one-handed weapon for this one, aim between the pillars, and hit the orb 11 times to get it onto the pedestal.

You can now grab the chest from behind the gate and clear the shrine.

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#2 - Keo Ruug Shrine

This shrine is smack bang in the middle of Korok Forest, which you can find out how to get to right here.

The far wall depicts a number of constellations. 

The sides of the room are made up of lanes with a single constellation at the top of each one, and sets of crystals ranging from one to five along the sides. 

You need to count how many times the constellation in each lane appears on the far wall and drop the orb in the row of the crystal with the corresponding numbered. 

On the left side of the room, the far left constellation appears five times, and the one on the right appears three times.

On the right side of the room, the constellation on the far right appears twice, and the one on the left appears twice. 

So the whole room from left to right is 5, 3, 1, 2. 

In the next room, swing the camera around to find a second constellation wall above a gate with a chest behind it. Make a note of the frequency of each of the constellations and go back to the first room.

If you want the answer outright, its 4, 2, 2, 1, from left to right. 

Open the chest and head to the altar.

#3 - Kuhn Sidajj Shrine 

Talk to Chio in Korok Forest to begin the Korok Trials and leave via the southwest exit to find Zooki who will give you the Trial of Second Sight shrine quest.

You need to use Magnesis to spot metal boulders in the tree's mouths, marking the trial for you to follow. The path isn't straight so you'll need to swing the camera around and move Link to get eyes on the next one when it looks like you're at a dead end.

The first two trees are straight ahead.

From the second tree, follow the path forward to the right to find the next iron boulder tree.

From the third tree, look to the left to spot the next one.

Look behind the roots to the right side of the boulder on the fourth tree to spot the next iron boulder tree.

Facing the fifth tree, swing the camera around to the right and you'll spot the next tree.

The next one along is on the same path.

When you reach this tree, you'll see a shield on the stump ahead.

You need to move the shield into the tree with the torches in front of it, but take out the enemies first. 

Popping the shield into the trees mouth will prompt the appearance of a treasure chest in another tree nearby. Grab the chest with Magnesis, open it, and pop it on the raft once it's been pilfered.

Grab the Korok Leaf from the water and sail the raft to the tree on the small island. It has a couple of torches on so you can't miss it.

Pop the chest in the tree's mouth to complete the trial.

The shrine will appear and you can clear it straight away.

#4 - Daag Chokah Shrine

Leave Korok Forest via the northwest exit to find Tasho, who will give you The Lost Pilgrimage shrine quest.

You have to tail Oaki, so pop on your stealth armour or chug an elixir, and initiate crouch mode.

There's tall grass and shrubbery along the way that you can make the most of, and Oaki often talks to himself (herself?) so you can keep track of where she (he?) is with the speech bubbles. Using Magnesis also helps keep an eye on it.

Oaki will turn around near the beginning of the path, so keep to the edges. It will turn around again after going past a beehive on the right. 

After going through the hollow tree trunk, stay back and to the left, or wait in the trunk. Oaki will get startled and backtrack for a few steps.

Once that's done, carry on following and soon you'll hear a wolf howl. Ignore it - it won't attack Oaki or you.

Keep following and Oaki will reach the shrine. You can now reveal yourself, enter the shrine, and head to the altar.

#5 - Maag Halan Shrine 

The final Korok Trial is The Test of Wood.

Leave Korok Forest via the east exit and talk to Damia to begin the trial.

The objective is to get to the shine without breaking the equipment Damia gives you. You can't switch out the equipment either.

The key to success is bombs. Bomb everything and everyone. 

Take out archers with arrows and use parry or your bow to deal with Octoroks. 

Falling into the swamp will reset the trial, so use Cryonis to navigate them.

At the end, enter the shrine and head to the altar. 

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#6 - Ketoh Wawai Shrine

Enter Typhlo Ruins via the entrance on the west to start the Shrouded Shrine quest.

Grab a torch, light the statue on the left, and follow the direction its beak is pointing. That's basically the pattern for navigating the ruins. 

The path will lead you to a pedestal with two bird torches pointing outwards. There's a Hinox over there with the orb you need around its neck.

There are more torches lining the route to it, so light them all up first so that you can see what you're doing in the battle ahead.

When you're ready, wake him up. There's tall grass by the torches next to the pedestal that you can set on fire to burn the Hinox. His eye will be lit up in the darkness so it's super easy to hit.  

Once he's down, place the orb on the pedestal to complete the shrine quest. Head into the shrine and over to the altar.

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#7 - Rona Kachta Shrine 

This shrine is in the Forgotten Temple at the northeast end of Tanagar Canyon.

Utilise the updrafts and avoid the lasers from the army of immobile Guardians in here to reach the shrine at the other end. 

Once inside, you can clear the shrine immediately.

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#8 - Monya Toma Shrine

The shrine is on Salari Hill to the southeast Serenne Stable, on the west side of Tanagar Canyon, south of the Forgotten Temple.  

Enter the shrine and go around the enclosure to the left. There are some wooden crates on the wall. Destroy them with a bomb at the wooden crates. Now activate the aorange crystal twice and hop onto the launcher to the right of the shrine entrance.

This will propel you to a second launcher. Hop onto that one and glide down to the platform with the chest.

Activate the crystal a third time and then drop the orb onto the launcher to the right of shrine's exit. It will be propelled along until it reaches its pedestal, and the gate to the altar will open.

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