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Hugh Jackman keen for Wolverine and Deadpool to square off once more

Hugh Jackman is busy on the publicity trail for X-Men: Days Of Future Past , and having already suggested an Avengers team-up earlier in the week, is now beating the drum for a Wolverine vs. Deadpool revival.

Of course, the two have already been thrown together once before in X-Men: Origins , although as Jackman readily admits, the character of Deadpool was somewhat marginalised in a film already stuffed full of protagonists.

"We sort of took a pretty strong choice on Deadpool," says Jackman, "where we kind of stitched him up. And I love the character of Deadpool."

"I think that the sort of badass, fast-talking, funny, annoying Deadpool vs Wolverine would still be cool. We’ve sort of done it, but I think we could have done that much better."

The character remains one of the most talked about when the prospect of new X-Men movies is raised, so we wouldn't be at all surprised to see him get his own outing in due course. Hopefully, with at least a cameo from Jackman...

in the meantime, X-Men: Days Of Future Past opens in UK cinemas today!