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Hot dang: You can get Titanfall 2, our 2016 Game of the Year, for as low as $5

If you're between games and need an infusion of some of the most brilliant shooter action ever made, or if you just can't ever pass up a supreme deal on a video game, we've got a real humdinger. EA has cut prices on Titanfall 2 as part of an extensive publisher sale, meaning you can pick up our very own Game of the Year 2016 for as little as $4.99 if you fancy a download code for PC.

Don't worry console players, you get some nice savings too: pick up Titanfall 2 on PS4 for $10.99 or on Xbox One for $10.85. All of these deals are readily accessible through Amazon. Even if you only play Titanfall 2's single-player campaign, that's still a great deal. But the multiplayer's great too, especially because you don't need to buy any extra DLC expansions to play all the maps.

Titanfall 2, GamesRadar+'s 2016 game of the Year, for as low as $4.99

Titanfall 2, GamesRadar+'s 2016 game of the Year, for as low as $4.99. The excellent single-player campaign and great multiplayer mode could be yours for coffee money on PC, or lunch money on consoles. Just make sure you don't start trying to wallrun and kneeslide everywhere in real life.

If the premise of running on walls and shooting through hordes of tricky mercenaries with your giant robot buddy doesn't already have you slamming that purchase button… well, now you've made us bust out a snippet from the GOTY 2016 entry. AHEM.

"The solo campaign delivers a great mixture of play types, its lauded 'Effect and Cause' level the highlight, and offers enough action to satisfy without becoming repetitive. It's a hugely accomplished 8-10 hour story. Multiplayer - the sole focus of the original - rounds off the package by being ‘merely excellent' when compared to the single player. An accomplished game, then, with more humanity, warmth, and genuine fist-pumping moments than just about anything else in 2016. Not bad for a big, dumb shooter about a space-dude and a robot."

Meanwhile, if you need something new to play it on, make sure you take a look through our money-saving lists of PS4 bundle deals and Xbox One bundle deals.

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