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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City rampage locations guide

The 35 rampages located throughout Vice City typically require you to kill gang members or destroy vehicles. Some of these challenges can be tricky; it is recommended you attempt each one with full health and armor. Finishing all 35 nets you a small amount of cash and a chunk of the 100% completion rating.

Note that when you begin a rampage, you cannot pick up or buy new weapons. Each rampage has a time limit in which the appropriate challenge must be completed.

Rampage 1

On top of the southwestern boathouse.

Rampage 2

To the east of the sidewalk leading to Ocean Beach.

Rampage 3

South end of Ocean Beach.

Rampage 4

On a ledge next to the parking garage.

Rampage 5

In the southern area of the apartments.

Rampage 6

In the fence near the large pink building.

Rampage 7

Near The Ocean View Medical Foundation.

Rampage 8

On top of the shopping mall’s parking garage near Ocean Beach.

Rampage 9

The front steps of the pink hotel.

Rampage 10

Near a house on the western side of Starfish Island.

Rampage 11

Along the southeastern side of the hotel near the Washington Beach.

Rampage 12

On the top of the diving board at the same hotel.

Rampage 13

At the end of the peninsula near Leaf Links.

Rampage 14

On the small dock near the bridge leading to Leaf Links.

Rampage 15

Just outside the eastern entrance to the North Point Mall.