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We pop on our winter woollies and poke a fire with a big stick to bring you the latest peek behind the curtains in SFX towers

It’s suddenly got awfully nippy outside, but in SFX towers things are heating up with yet another apocalyptic deadline looming on the horizon and the new US TV season sending Spoiler Zone into overdrive after a somewhat emaciated summer for sci-fi on the small screen. The first couple of episodes of The Walking Dead have already done the rounds in the office and, not to pre-empt our review, you’d have to be braindead, or suffer from kinemortophobia (check out issue 202’s Nelson’s Column for more on that…) to miss it. Same goes for The Event which, though superficially similar to last year’s small screen non-event FlashForward , actually has likable characters and real drive. If only we could say the same for No Ordinary Family

On Tuesday Nick found himself on set for one of 2011's most eagerly anticipated films. He's embargoed up to his eyeballs so can barely talk to us about it, let alone you, faithful reader. But he returned in a state of high excitement (though that may have been the free sweets by the catering truck kicking in - yes, forget the drugs and the deviant sex, we can exclusively reveal that Hollywood productions are powered by pure E numbers). His euphoria was soon replaced by the realisation that he's been landed with No Ordinary Family for Spoiler Zone. "It's like writing about polysterene," he was heard to mutter darkly. Still, he had a grand time at the British International Comics Show in Birmingham last weekend, catching up with sterling SFX blogger Stace and other old chums from the four-colour universe.

After his off-world philandering last week (otherwise known as set visits) Jordan’s been holed up in the office, hermit-like, since as he attempts to put a dent in his workload. Supernatural ’s return to Spoiler Zone bucked his mood up though – even if the first couple episodes were worryingly naff. In other news he was overjoyed to finally receive his finished boxed copy of the Alien Anthology this week and hasn’t stopped drooling since watching Aliens at ear-drum-menacing volume. Deputy Ed Rich, meanwhile, has been learning the ropes in his new position as Dave B’s mini-me, as well as writing about an exciting new British TV show, and looking at some pretty Star Wars pictures in a very shiny book.

"Sleep is for the dead" is Ian's motto at the moment, since he's editing the next SFX Collection special at the same time as taking care of the usual nine to five - 11 pages have been laid out so far, and it's looking smashing. He's working from home today, typing up an interview with John Ajvide Lindqvist, reading a newly-arrived Book Club piece by Dan Abnett, making a wish list of toys and collectables, and doing some frantic last-minute chasing for the DVD review pages, and he'd like to remind you all to post your questions for Tom Baker , who he'll be interviewing next week.

“Ah, outside SFX towers today feels like the planet Hoth!” declared Ade upon arrival this morning. He’s also currently busy on issue 203, planning for the SFX Weekender 2, and contemplating the question: is it time to get the gloves, hat and scarf out of retirement? Brr.


Random quote of the week : “I’ve got no time for Bill Turnbull.”

Make It Stop : Just because it was frosty this morning doesn’t mean it’s alright to play Band Aid in October *stares with unspeakable intent at the marketing bods on the other side of the room*

Whose Dragons? (last week’s answer: they were Ade’s shoes!)

Jordan is the Community Editor at SFX and Total Film. When he isn't watching movies or sci-fi shows of questionable quality he's probably shooting men in space or counting down the days till the next Zelda comes out.