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Friday Link-A-Mania

Spider-Man ’s Flash cast, X-Men: First Class set photos, the most searched-for trailers of the year…

X-Men: First Class Photos
ComicBookMovie has posted a number of set pictures from X-Men: First Class . Taken at Jekyll Island, Georgia, the photos appear to show the set being built. Seen among the not-yet-assembled pieces is what the site speculates is the cockpit of the Blackbird (the X-Men’s personal jet).

Taylor Lautner Set For Incarceron
Twilight werewolf and cut-off jeans model Taylor Lautner is set to appear in the big screen adaptation of young adult fantasy novel Incarceron by Catherine Fisher, reports Deadline . The film, which is being developed by Fox 2000, is about a 17-year-old named Finn (Lautner) who has lived his whole life in a self-sustaining prison where one generation of inmates gives birth to the next. According to legend, only man who ever escaped Incarceron, but Finn intends to be the second.

The Most Googled Film Trailers Of The Year
According to Google’s annual review of internet users’ search patterns, the most searched-for film trailer of 2010 was Twilight: Eclipse . Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1 was second (though there’s no data about how many people actually typed the full title into their search engine) with Iron Man 2 third. Lost was the most searched-for TV show. Transformers 3 was the only SF or fantasy franchise to make it into the general entertainment Top 10 (at 10) which was topped by Justin Beiber.