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Fortnite World Cup Creative features five community-made levels with a $3 million prize pool at the end

The Fortnite World Cup is in full swing, as 10 weeks of qualifiers kicking off on April 13 - and it's not just about Fortnite battle royale skills. Epic has finally detailed how Fortnite Creative mode will feature in its high-stakes tournament with the Fortnite World Cup Creative trials, where players must take on and showcase five Creative levels for a chance to qualify for the finals in New York City and get a piece of a $3 million prize pool.

If you weren't already aware, some of the best Fortnite Creative codes drop you into extremely difficult obstacles courses, or create new minigames that play nothing like what you're used to. The Fortnite World Cup Creative trials features five community-made Creative maps, with qualifier events running April 29 - June 7. "Every week you'll have a chance to try out the latest Creative trial and submit your best clip using the event specific hashtag on YouTube," says Epic. "Our special Fortnite captains will select the top submissions as winners."

I'm assuming "Fortnite captains" effectively translates to "well-known Fortnite influencers," who will cherry-pick their favorite videos of people triumphing over (or maybe even failing in) these Creative maps. One such influencer is Cizzorz, a pro player with the FaZe esports team who gained notoriety through his infamously difficult Cizzorz Deathrun maps. He'll be debuting a new map as the first of the five trials, as well as judging the submissions of people losing their minds trying to beat his latest creation. "Every other week a new Creative trial will be revealed, with more opportunities to qualify for the Finals," says Epic.

The Fortnite World Cup Finals are happening in New York City from July 26 - 28, and fifteen participants (likely three winners for each trial map) will take part in "the ultimate Creative competition" for their chunk of the $3 million prize pool. I personally love the element of mystery surrounding the trials, as there's no telling what players will be going up against each week. I'm envisioning the NYC finals as something akin to the unique Nintendo World Championships, where competitors have to contend with surprise challenges they could've never practiced for while the audience goes wild. 

It's also interesting that raw skill isn't necessarily the determining factor for qualifying, as I'm sure that video submissions will need a bit of presentational pizzaz to stand out and make it through. We'll find out more about the Creative trials with each week we get closer to the Fortnite World Cup Finals; in the meantime, I'll get back to perfecting my hops on the many amazing Fortnite Creative mode platformers and parkour maps.

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