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Where to dance on top of a water tower, ranger tower and air traffic control tower in Fortnite - Season 7 Week 5 challenges

The week five challenges for Fortnite season 7 aren't too difficult, but for one of them you need to dance on top of three different towers across the Fortnite island. Two of them are iconic locations that have been on the Fortnite map since the game launched in 2017, but the third is a brand new tower found in the snowy region of the map.

Where to dance on top of a water tower, ranger tower, and air traffic control tower in Fortnite

As you can see from the map above, the three towers are spread out from the west coast to the east. You need to start with the water tower though, which can be found in Retail Row at the far eastern side. It often has a chest right at the top so if you can land quickly, you can dance then loot the chest and be in the shops nearby before anyone can shoot you off the top.

After that, you want to go toward Lonely Lodge. The ranger tower is the enormous lookout tower in the southern part, close to the abandoned superhero mansion. Climb the seemingly endless stairs to the very top then dance to your heart's content, because it's unlikely you'll be shot down from up there. Up to three chests can spawn here too - not bad at all!

The very final tower is the air traffic tower in Frosty Flights. This is the brand new area in the south-west region of the map, which can spawn up to five Fortnite planes in and around the hangars. Climb the tall red air traffic tower and dance to complete this three stage challenge.

Also in week five, make sure you search between a giant rock man, a crowned tomato, and an encircled tree in Fortnite.

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