When does Fortnite season 7 start?


We're mere weeks into the latest season of Fortnite, but what better time to start thinking about Fortnite season 7. Yes, really. That might sound utterly mad, but the way Epic Games seeds clues throughout the previous season as to the setting, themes and motifs of the next means that it's basically never to early to start theorising. 

When is Fortnite season 7 starting?

Every season in Fortnite runs for 10 weeks, and with Fortnite season 6 starting on September 7, you should expect to see Fortnite season 7 starting around December 7. That's exactly 10 weeks after the start of season 6, and that currently seems to be the trend for season start dates.

How much does the Fortnite Season 7 Battle Pass cost? 

The Fortnite Season 7 battle pass is probably set to cost the same as it has done the past few seasons, which is 950 V-Bucks. In order to get that, you'll have to spend some real-world money on the smallest V-Bucks bundle, which costs $9.99 / £7.99. 

Interestingly, ever since the launch of season 5, Epic has changed the way it does the Fortnite Battle Pass Challenges, which makes not buying a battle pass a slightly more attractive proposition (although of course we're all going to get one, right?). Weekly challenges are split into two sections, free and Battle Pass. The first three challenges of each week are going to be free, but the other four will only be available if you own the Battle Pass. However, the weekly challenge reward is still locked at four, so you'll have to buy the Fortnite battle pass if you want that sweet reward.

What can we expect from Fortnite season 7?

Because of the December start date for Fortnite season 7, and the season then running all the way until February, the rumours are that it will have a winter theme. A bit like the spooky, Halloween-esque feel for the current season 6, we should expect to see our Fortnite characters dressed head to toe in winter garb. 

Interestingly, Epic Games has recently partnered with Warner Bros to launch a retail version of Fortnite, called the Fortnite Deep Freeze Bundle, which might just be a little glimpse into our wintery Fortnite future. 

There's also the fact that there was a holiday event in Fortnite Save the World last year, to add fuel to this particular... err... fire. It was called Survive the Holidays, and also featured glorious winter wear, which could easily translate to new skins for Fortnite Battle Royale. 

As of yet there haven't been any hints as to what will happen in Fortnite season 7 through the game itself. We're only a few weeks in though, and we're still seeing the events of season 6 wrap up, so prepare yourself for hints and teases in the coming weeks. 

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