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Fan-made Call of Duty Warzone concept lets you see what gear your squadmates have

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A new fan-made Call of Duty Warzone UI mock-up shows off some visual improvements that would let you keep an eye on your teammates abilities and equipment.

Posted on the Warzone subreddit by user Abood_Abuobaid, the mock-up showcases the addition of icons under the names and health bars of your teammates which would let you check how many armour plates each player has, and which abilities they have ready at a glance. It’s a great idea that fans are already championing in the hopes that the developers add something similar to the game.

this could be very helpful from r/CODWarzone

Call of Duty Warzone is a game that lives and dies on teamwork and co-operation, so knowing which abilities your buddies have ready to go and how well stocked on armour they are is vital. Of cours, you can just ask them if you’re all on the mic together, but plenty of players don’t have mics, while other still choose to play with random teammates who may not even speak their language. So, being able to glean this information yourself with a cursory glance at the screen would be a fantastic addition to Warzone.

As one Redditor pointed out, this change would also help keep your teammates' more selfish tendencies in check, as they wouldn’t be able to lie about how many armour plates they have on them. We’ve all played with that one guy who claims he’s fresh out of plates, only for him to erupt into a pile of armour when he gets taken out.

There hasn’t been an official response from Developers Raven Software, but with the traction this is getting on social media, it won’t be long before they spot it. Hopefully they implement a version of this in a future update, perhaps as part of Warzone Season 3.

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