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Dark Knight writer scripting Hell And Gone

Great Chicago Fire

Dark Knight co-writer Jonah Nolan has penned a new script called Hell And Gone , which is based on the real-life Great Chicago Fire.

Deemed the most significant disaster in American history, the fire swept through Chicago in October 1871, claiming hundreds of lives and decimating a four mile area of the city.

Nolan’s script, which THR catchily calls “a Titanic -like historical tragedy and love story”, has attracted the attention of director J Blakeson, whose Disappearance Of Alice Creed opened to much acclaim last year.

Could this become a historical epic to rival the already-name-checked Titanic ? It’s been a while since we saw a solid disaster movie based on true events (let’s discount 2012 , shall we?), so it’s certainly an enticing prospect.

That said, we don’t really want another Poseidon on our hands.

Nolan has also just completed work on the script for The Dark Knight Rises , which his brother Chris Nolan will direct next year.