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Cyber Monday: Buy a PS4 Pro, get Final Fantasy 15 and NBA 2K16 for free, kupo!

After 10 long years of development, Final Fantasy 15 is finally out. You can buy it, right now! And if you take advantage of this Cyber Monday deal, you can play it on a shiny new PS4 Pro. Since the total cost of the deal is $399.99 - which is the typical cost of the PS4 Pro alone - this makes FF15 and NBA 2K16 effectively free.

The PS4 Pro and Final Fantasy 15 are both sure to be two of this year's hottest tech gifts. With both of them just recently released into the wild, it's surprising that we'd see a deal like this featuring them. But scoop up this bundle and you're effectively saving $90 ($60 from FF15, $30 from NBA 2K16). And really, isn't saving money the best holiday gift?

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