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The best streaming services: comparing Netflix, HBO, Amazon, and more

best streaming service
(Image credit: Netflix/Amazon/Apple/Disney)

The streaming wars have begun. Netflix have been top dogs for quite some time, but it's suddenly become part of a crowded marketplace, with Apple TV Plus and Disney Plus all launching in November. That also doesn't account for the likes of Amazon Prime and Hulu, which continue to dominate other corners of the streaming landscape, plus newcomers like the newly-unveiled HBO Max and NBC's Peacock.

But which is the best streaming service for you? Whether you’re on a budget, need a low-price companion to Netflix, or really want to watch The Office, we’ll run through all of the currently-available streaming services as well as those on the horizon so you can compare, contrast, and make an informed decision about the new best way to watch TV. Everything from streaming service release dates to price, and best exclusives are all here for Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Apple TV Plus, HBO Max, Now TV, and NBC’s Peacock. Phew.


best streaming service

(Image credit: Netflix)

Release date: Out now

Where available: Worldwide

Price: $13/month (Standard plan) / £8.99/month (Standard plan)

Top five exclusive shows: Stranger Things, BoJack Horseman, Black Mirror, Mindhunter, The Haunting of Hill House 

The low-down: The granddaddy of streaming services and, for the time being, still the best. While the recent price increase may have put off those who are tired of scrolling through Netflix’s thousands-strong collection, which includes everything from quality Originals to straight-to-DVD subpar series, there’s still more than enough here to recommend Netflix as the big tentpole streaming service… for now.

The constant legal wranglings of exclusivity and rights deals, though, could sting across the next few years. The Office and Friends will soon depart (to Peacock in 2021 and HBO Max in 2020, respectively) and the revolving door of content may not stop there as rival companies look to claw back some of their biggest names as their kickstart their own offerings.

Thankfully, Netflix is bolstered by big-budget exclusives that remains the talk of the internet. Stranger Things season 4 is on the horizon, while The Irishman could be the legitimate cinema hit that propels Netflix into the Hollywood mainstream. That, when coupled with the likes of Mindhunter and Orange is the New Black, means that Netflix is still home to some of the best prestige entertainment around – but its stranglehold on all things streaming is far looser than it was half-a-decade ago.

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Disney Plus

best streaming service

(Image credit: Disney)

Release date: November 12 (US); Early 2020 (UK)

Where available: US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and The Netherlands

Price: $7/month ($70/year)

Top five exclusive shows: Falcon and the Winter Soldier, The Mandalorian, Forky Asks A Question, Monsters at Work, Loki

The low-down: Are you a fan of Disney? Then you’ll need Disney Plus. Sporting over 600 movies and TV shows at launch, the House of Mouse’s big streaming service is not only packed with childhood classics and rough diamonds from the entirety of Disney’s library, but the promise of big-budget original productions means your seven dollars a month will eventually go a long way.

The MCU, for example, will form the foundation of much of Disney Plus’ roadmap for the next few years. From 2020 onward, Marvel Phase 4 TV shows will be dotted around the calendar – and they promise to be just as essential to the MCU-at-large as a movie entry, with rumoured budgets of up to $150m per show.

Disney’s also been hoovering up many beloved properties over the last few years, such as Star Wars and everything that falls under the 20th Century Fox umbrella, meaning that there are hundreds upon hundreds of hours of content to watch.

Of course, there’s also the price to consider. It’s cheap. Very, very cheap. There’s even a Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN package for $12.99 a month in the US which sweetens the deal. There are even Disney Plus downloads which allow you to watch shows and movies offline, even if they get removed from the service. The fact it’s concentrated to mostly Disney content means that variety may be lacking for some, so Disney Plus and another additional streaming service per month may be the way to go – and will only set you back around $20 a month.

Amazon Prime Video

best streaming service

(Image credit: Amazon)

Release date: Out now

Where available: Worldwide

Price: $12.99/month ($119/year) / £7.99/month (£79/year)

Top five exclusive shows: The Man in the High Castle, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Boys, Good Omens, The Expanse

The low-down: If you can’t find what you’re looking for on Netflix, chances are it’s tucked away on Amazon Prime somewhere. Despite not boasting the sheer numbers of its big-name rival, Prime Video still includes several niche programmes – and even the ability to bolt on extra content (such as anime channels and MUBI) for a small fee.

It’s also worth noting that Amazon Prime isn’t just Prime Video. You also get the jump on certain Black Friday deals, plus access to great discounts on Prime Day. There’s also free one-to-two day delivery for those who dip back into Amazon often, which is around 90% of the world at this point, isn’t it?

However, there probably aren’t enough big originals to tempt you away, despite Amazon pumping money into some (ultimately failed) ventures. The Boys (and The Boys season 2 is on the way) is one of the best shows this year and The Marvelous Ms. Maisel rightfully won plenty of awards across its first two seasons, yet the quality is few and far between. The upcoming Lord of the Rings TV show, however, may change that mode of thinking.

Of all the roadblocks to hit Amazon Prime, though, region-locking might be the biggest. VPNs are an option, but if you don’t want to go down that road, you’ll be frustrated by what’s blocked for you, depending on what side of the pond you sit on. Some examples: Community is in the UK but not the US; Fleabag and The Sopranos are present in the US but not the UK. International streaming rights can be a messy business – and Amazon Prime’s lack of uniformity is worse than most.

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best streaming service

(Image credit: Hulu)

Release date: Out now

Where available: US

Price: $5.99/month (Basic) / $11.99/month (Premium)

Top five exclusive shows: The Handmaid’s Tale, Veronica Mars, The Runaways, 11.22.63, Castle Rock

The low-down: Hulu was once the go-to streaming service for those who didn’t want to pay for cable. It still operates effectively in that regard, though now has the additional benefit of a handful of top-quality original shows, such as The Handmaid’s Tale, that make the small outlay even more worthwhile.

But Hulu’s main selling point still remains the same: you can watch network television shortly after it airs, including the majority of shows on major networks such as ABC and Fox. As a substitute for paying for a cable provider, there’s no better.

As a streaming service, though, it’s lacking in some regards. The animation on offer is great (Family Guy, Rick and Morty, Bob’s Burgers), though there’s no more than one or two killer must-watch shows and the Basic package includes ads.

It’s also not currently (legally) available in the UK – so Brits will want to look elsewhere.

Apple TV Plus

best streaming service

(Image credit: Apple)

Release date: November 1            

Where available: US, UK

Price: $4.99/month / £4.99/month

Top five exclusive shows: Dickinson, The Morning Show, For All Mankind, Truth Be Told, Oprah’s Book Club

The low-down: The new kid on the block and, for now, the one with the smallest library. Apple TV Plus, though, is focusing on high-quality shows with household names instead of the scattershot approach of some of its rivals. Nine originals are available at launch.

Jennifer Aniston (The Morning Show), Aaron Paul (Truth Be Told), and Hailee Steinfeld (Dickinson) all form part of Apple TV Plus’ opening salvo, with visionaries such as JJ Abrams and M Night Shyamalan also attached to Apple for the foreseeable future. Jason Momoa even stars in See, another Apple TV original that’s indicative of the company’s wealth of talent at its disposal.

But compared to its contemporaries, Apple TV Plus struggles to draw attention. In a crowded marketplace, it’s destined to get lost in the background as far more eye-catching services stake their claim. Early adopters may want to be wary – though Apple users get a free one-year subscription, which is a nice gesture.


best streaming service

(Image credit: HBO)

Release date: May 2020

Where available: US

Price: $14.99/month 

Top five exclusive shows: Game of Thrones, The Sopranos, Friends, The Wire, South Park

The low-down: HBO Max had its big reveal event in October, and among the details outlined in the presentation was the price ($14.99/month), as well as a handful of names arriving on the streaming service, such as Rick and Morty and South Park.

Alongside that, a Green Lantern TV show is in the works, while new Game of Thrones prequel, House of the Dragon, will also be coming to HBO Max at an undisclosed future date.

But not everything has to be shiny and new to be worthwhile. You're also getting complete access to HBO's back library, which means if you've missed out on The Sopranos or The Wire up until now, you can rest easy in the knowledge that it'll be there for you.

Speaking of being there for you, Friends will also be on HBO Max exclusively from May 2020. $14.99/month may be too steep of a price to pay just for ten seasons of Friends, but it's an extra cherry on top of a pretty sizeable cake, especially when you factor in content from Adult Swim, Cartoon Network, Warner, and Crunchyroll.

Now TV

best streaming service

(Image credit: Sky)

Release date: Out now

Where available: UK

Price: £8.99/month (Entertainment); £11.99/month (Sky Cinema); Kids (£3.99/month)

Top five exclusive shows: Chernobyl, Downton Abbey, Veep, The Walking Dead, Big Little Lies

The low-down: For those in the UK, Now TV presents a fairly cheap, straightforward way of accessing some of your favourite boxsets and movies without having to pay through the nose for a Sky or Virgin Media subscription.

There are no exclusives of its own to speak of, but Now TV regularly gives viewers the latest and greatest TV shows immediately after airing. Just this year saw the likes of Chernobyl and Game of Thrones season 8 available on the same day as Sky Atlantic through its Entertainment Pass, at potentially over half the outlay of a Sky package.

However, the negatives can outweigh the positives. Some of the heavy-hitters (such as The Walking Dead and South Park) will be removed from the service in early 2020, while wanting everything could cost a pretty penny soon that may see you scrambling for an all-in-one television package instead of the myriad Passes on offer. The library also isn’t as extensive as Netflix or Amazon Prime, but there are regular free trials available for new customers who wish to dip their toes into the water before committing.

Peacock (NBC)

best streaming service

(Image credit: NBC)

Release date: April 2020

Where available: US, UK

Price: TBA

Top five exclusive shows: The Office, Parks & Recreation, Battlestar Galactica reboot, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, House

The low-down: Little is known about Peacock, NBC’s streaming service. Until we get a price, it’s hard to make a definitive statement about whether it’s worth it – but fans of comedy will be immediately drawn in, no matter how much they have to fork over. The Office is arriving in 2021, while Parks & Recreation, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine will also be present on Peacock.

NBC is looking to make waves elsewhere, too. A Battlestar Galactica reboot is in the works – and there have even been talks about an Office reboot. Whether the latter comes to pass is up in the air, but it’s proof that NBC wants this to stand out with a series of big original productions. With so many streaming services on offer, Peacock could slide in us the little brother to a larger streaming service. Alongside Netflix or Amazon Prime, this could be well worth the outlay come April.

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