Severance season 2: Everything we know about the Apple TV Plus show's return

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Severance season 2 is coming to Apple TV Plus. However, the latest updates suggest that we may be waiting a little while yet for the sci-fi show. Production on the second season of the Dan Erickson-created show is currently paused amid the WGA writers' strike. But don't fret – we've got lots of information on the series' sophomore series to tide you over.

Erickson and the show's executive producer Ben Stiller have been dropping a fair few hints about what's coming next in Severance season 2. And that's not to mention everything the stars have been saying post the first season's cliffhanger ending. We'll delve into everything we know about the return to Lumon below, as well as speculating a bit about when new episodes could arrive on Apple TV Plus. 

Severance season 2 release date

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Apple TV Plus has yet to reveal the Severance season 2 release date. Filming had begun on the show, before it shut down in May 2023 amid the WGA strike. 

Production List claimed that season 2 was due to finish filming in New York and New Jersey in May 2023. So it's possible filming on the show was drawing to a close already. 

However, the show tends to take a while to get made. Severance season 1 kicked off production in November 2020 and didn't conclude until June 2021 before it then premiered in February 2022. 

Based on all of this, and the fact we don't know exactly how long the strike will last, we'd say we're not likely to see any new episodes until 2024 at least. It looks like patience will prove to be a virtue going forward...

Severance season 2 trailer

Jen Tullock and Adam Scott as Devon and Mark in Severance

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Given that the cast are still filming, it's hardly surprising that there's no trailer for Severance season 2 yet. We have seen some cryptic Severance-esque "footage", however.

Back in September, Apple made two references to the sci-fi show at its Far Out event, where it was showcasing its latest and upcoming products, from iPhones to AirPods. The first nod came during an ad for the latter, where a clip depicted a woman who looks just like Britt Lower's Helly R, in her pencil skirt, polo neck, and Lumon lanyard, boarding a subway train. Even more curiously, the car's display suggested that its destination is 'Infinite Loop' via 'Milky Way Road', which could be nothing – or could equally be a cryptic indication of what's to come in the Severance's second chapter. Season 1, episode 2 is titled 'Half Loop', so it's arguably not a complete coincidence.

Later, another clip showed the same red-haired doppelgänger waiting for the train as Severance's eerie theme tune kicks in and Helly R starts glitching out of focus. Is Severance season 2 about to lean even further into its sci-fi ways?

Severance season 2 cast

Adam Scott as Mark Scout, Zach Cherry as Dylan, John Turturro as Irving and Britt Lower as Helly in Severance

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Severance season 1 ended mid-action, so it was always pretty clear that its main cast would be returning. We know that Britt Lower will definitely be back as Lumon's newest employee Helly, as she posted a behind-the-scenes snap from set on her Instagram Story in late October, and Adam Scott will reprise his role as Mark.

We're sure to see the likes of Zach Cherry, John Turturro, Christopher Walken, Tramell Tillman, and Patricia Arquette again, too, as we catch up with Dylan, Irving, Burt, Mr. Milchick, and Harmony Cobel respectively. Lastly, when it comes to familiar faces, we can expect to see Michael Chernus, Jen Tullock, and Dichen Lachman show up as Ricken, Mark's sister Devon, and Lumon counselor Ms. Casey – who is actually Mark's supposedly deceased wife Gemma (!) – too.

Britt Lower dressed up like Helly R from Severance

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Now for the newbies... On October 31, Apple TV Plus announced that Bob Balaban, Merritt Wever, Ólafur Darri Ólafsson, Robby Benson, Stefano Carannante, Alia Shawkat, Fringe's John Noble, and Game of Thrones star Gwendoline Christie had joined the cast. Unsurprisingly, there's no news as to who each of them are playing yet, but they certainly make for some exciting new hires. 

"Holy shiiiit beyond excited to work with this unbelievable group of actors on season 2 of Severance – we are so lucky to have them," Scott wrote on Instagram at the time, as he shared Deadline's write-up of the news.

Severance season 2 plot

Severance season 2 behind the seasons

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The final episode of Severance season 1 had its fair share of shock moments, as the Innies managed to "switch" their consciousnesses on outside of the office. Helly R was revealed to be Helena Egan, a descendant of Lumon's mysterious founder Kier Eagan, when she's not sat at her desk in Macrodata Refinement, while Mark discovered that his neighbor, Mrs. Selvig, is actually his boss and that his wife Gemma is actually Ms. Casey, Lumon's oddly serene wellness counselor. 

Mark just about managed to tell his sister Devon that information before he lost control of his mind when Milchick tackled Dylan, who was maintaining their 'Overtime' status from the office, while Irving's Innie went blank on the doorstep of his work paramour Burt. Helly, realizing who she really is at a swanky Lumon party, went rogue, too, shouting about how awful it is to undergo the severance procedure and have your existence (and identity) compartmentalized. Basically, Lumon Industries is aware our heroes broke out, and we're sure to see the fallout from that in season 2.

Given their rebellion, it's curious, then, that the behind-the-scenes shot Apple TV Plus shared to commemorate the start of filming sees Mark back at Lumon – eyes shut, as he descends the lift to his windowless basement at work. Mark must be self-aware now, so it's hard to believe he'd be willing to go back to Lumon. Perhaps the sinister organization has the ability to wipe memories, or he's sneaking back in to help Gemma "escape"?

Both Erickson, who worked on the script for the first season for 10 years, and Stiller reminded tight-lipped about season 2 when they took part in a Severance panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2022. The only thing they teased will be revealed in the new episodes was the significance of the seemingly random baby goats from episode 5, titled 'The Grim Barbarity of Optics and Design'.

That's everything we know about Severance season 2. If you’re all up to date and itching for your next genre fix, then you might also want to check out our roundup of the best sci-fi movies, and draw up a new to-watch list.

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