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30 best PC games to play right now

(Image credit: Bandai Namco)

Whether you want to know what the all-time greats in PC gaming are right now, or are interested in the latest and greatest, this is the list for you. We have put together both the best PC games from a wide range of genres, as well as new releases you shouldn’t sleep on. There are a lot of great games for July 2020, as summer isn’t really a slow time for gaming anymore. Either we’re actively working on our backlog, finally trying that game we’ve heard so much about or try the latest games everyone is talking about.

One thing is clear —  thanks to a large number of games in this and any month, you’ll never be bored as a PC gamer. If you want to know what else we’re looking forward to this year and beyond, check our list of best upcoming games, many of them available for PC. If it’s time to future-proof your rig, we’re also here for you, with our buyer's guides for high-end gaming PC builds, the best gaming PCs of 2020 that you can purchase pre-built, and the best gaming laptops.

But for now it’s time to check out what’s already out there: Here come the 30 best PC games and the best new releases.

The best PC games July 2020 – top 30 list begins on next page

 Plenty of recent releases haven’t quite made our top 30 list – which starts on the next page – but are well worth having a look at. If you want to stay on top with new releases or our top 30 PC games list isn’t quite for you, here are some recent top picks. 


(Image credit: Devolver)

 Carrion invites you to be the monster – a fleshy, many-eyed blob of doom that goes on a rampage through an underground facility. It’s an unapologetically gory metroidvania with a great sense of fluidity to it, but it’s so short that there isn’t much to unlock in terms of new paths. A number of unlockable abilities successfully keep the concept from getting too stale, but since Carrion doesn’t overstay its welcome, it’s a nice, simple game for an evening. A snack, if you will, if that snack was human flesh. 


(Image credit: Lightbulb Crew)

This one brings the horror to turn-based tactics, and by that we don’t mean it’s horrible to play – in its mostly monochrome world, Othercide pits you against a number of horrors of unknown origin. You control a group of “sisters”, women who basically fulfil the role of different factions with their weaponry. It’s your task to save the realm of an entity known as “The Mother” from a wide range of beasts, making Othercide another more challenging tactics game. This is also true due to it not giving you unlimited time to make decisions. If you’re ready to play a round-based title that’s not about the fight between humans and aliens for once, try this game about creepy humans and sort-of aliens. 


(Image credit: Route 59)

Small indie developer Route 59 spent a long time perfecting Necrobarista’s striking visual style and natural conversations. In this linear visual novel, you follow the lives, or rather afterlives, of the staff of a very special coffee shop and it’s visitors – the last stop between life and death. Your character Kishan gets 24 hours, just like everyone else, before the end, and in that time they get to listen to conversations between a colourful cast of characters. Necrobarista is very light on actual gameplay, but give it a look if you like outspoken characters and slice of life stories with a magical touch. More content is currently in the works. 


(Image credit: Polygon Treehouse)

Full of beautiful snow-topped Scandinavian landscapes, Röki is  an instantly calming game – but the adventure little Tove goes on to save her brother is more than just nice to look at. It’s a journey teaching you kindness from the viewpoint of a child, as Tove helps out mythical creatures and faces the troubles of her own past. 

5D Chess with Multiverse Time Travel 

(Image credit: Thunkspace)

No, we did not make that up, this is a game that now exists. For all those who like chess so much they essentially want… even more chess, or those who would like to wrap their brains around what the next step from 3D chess might look like, we present 5D Chess with Multiverse Time Travel. Our first impression is that you need to learn additional move sets for your chess pieces and basically keep track of a lot of different boards, so… it’s basically like playing a 4X? 

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