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The best Disney Plus bundles: Hulu, ESPN+ and global offers compared

disney plus bundles

If you're looking for the best value options available for the new streaming service, then one of these Disney Plus bundles could be just the ticket. We're big fans of the lack of lengthy contracts too if you sign up to the larger packages offered from the likes of ESPN Plus and Hulu too. If you just want Disney Plus on its own, we'll show you how to get the best option too.

Picking up a Disney Plus bundle is as good a way to pass the time during lockdown/shelter-in-place as any. With hundreds of hours of content and some of the biggest names in entertainment on its roster, this streaming service has a lot to offer.

And don't forget, Disney Plus isn't just about Disney movies and cartoons. Even standard Disney Plus bundles get you most of the Marvel movie catalog, the Star Wars collection (plus the new Mandalorian Star Wars TV show), 30 seasons of The Simpsons, National Geographic content, and more. That library is always growing, too; for example, Hamilton is coming to Disney Plus in July.

Then there's the Hulu and ESPN+ option. This offer gets you Disney Plus, ESPN+, and Hulu in one package. Because the latter is packed with an even wider range of content with much more for adults - we're talking Handmaid's Tale, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Parasite, Regular Show, and American Horror Story - it's a great companion service.

Disney Plus prices on their own aren't exactly expensive, but there are great-value options to get the new streaming service with a few others, or save a tidy sum by opting for a longer-term. In the US, our favorite Disney Plus bundle is the excellent Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN+ package at just $12.99 a month. Disney Plus on its own is just $6.99 a month, while Hulu would be $5.99 and ESPN+ is $4.99. In other words, buying all three separately would come to $17.97 a month. That means you're making a nice $4.98 saving each month here. That's a $60 saving over a year!

With a 4K Netflix account costing $15.99 a month, we think this is an absolute steal, especially as there's lots of 4K Disney Plus content at no extra charge. Heck, pair this with a Netflix account if you want (we have) and you could really consider joining the cord-cutter community and ditching your regular cable TV package. And don't forget, you can cancel any of these streaming services at any time - you're not tied into any long term commitments. If you already have Hulu and/or ESPN+ you don't have to miss out on the discount either as Disney will help reduce your bill.

We've been logging the best Disney Plus sign-up offers since launch, and nothing's bested this offer so far and at this time of year, we don't expect anything to do so for a while. We have included some Verizon Disney Plus bundles you might find useful further down the page too. 

Over in Britain, there are a couple of options to choose from. £5.99 a month or £59.99 for a year upfront. As things stand, there are no other streaming services bundled with it in the UK, but there's an offer for O2 mobile customers which we've detailed further down this page. 

If you want to learn more about the new streaming service from the House of Mouse, we've rounded up the details along with what movies and TV shows you can watch over on our Disney Plus page.

Today's best cheap Disney Plus bundles

Disney Plus bundles - USA

Disney Plus, Hulu, ESPN+ | $12.99 per month
The clear winner of the Disney Plus bundle options. This option gives you access to plenty of content for the grown-ups in the home thanks to Hulu and it's very cheap for a bit of ESPN action on the side too.
View Deal

Disney Plus gift card (1 year) | $69.99 at Disney Plus
Buying for friends or family? Digital delivery on a date of your choosing makes timing it for special occasions super simple, whether that's a while away or today. Plus, you're essentially getting two months for free by buying a year upfront. Please note: this can only be activated by the recipient if they have not already been a Disney Plus subscriber.
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Verizon | Get a free year of Disney Plus with Verizon
If you're looking to upgrade your mobile data plan soon, then this might be an even better option for you. Verizon will give you a year of Disney Plus (not including Hulu and ESPN+ though) when you sign up.
View Deal

Fios by Verizon Home Internet | FREE Disney Plus for a year
Looking to upgrade your home internet with a faster connection? Fios by Verizon has some seriously rapid speeds on offer with prices starting at $39.99 a month. More to the point, it's currently offering a bundle with a year of Disney Plus added for free (then the regular $6.99 a month afterwards) when you sign up.View Deal

Just want Disney Plus on it's own and not bundled with any extras? These are the options currently available:

Disney Plus bundles - UK

Disney Plus UK | £5.99 a month
This is the best option for most users. Like a Netflix sub, you're billed monthly and can cancel at any time, so if you rinse The Mandalorian and every season of the Simpsons over the next few weeks during the lockdown, you can always drop it for a while. We get a feeling this one's going to be a keeper though.
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Disney Plus UK | £59.99 for 12-month sub
If you're in full 'take my money' mode and are ready for a year of Disney Plus you can actually save over 15% by paying for a year upfront. If you're not sure how much you're going to get out of the service and are feeling a little more cautious, then the £5.99 a month option instead is still superb value.
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Free 6-month Disney Plus pass with O2
Thinking of getting a new phone or SIM only deal. Well if you sign up with O2 the network will set you up with a free six-month Disney Plus subscription (worth £35.94). If you're already an O2 customer, you could be eligible if you upgrade your contract, although you might want to weigh up that cost versus the value of the sub there.
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