Which is the best Anthem Javelin? Here’s which one to pick first

Picking the best Anthem Javelin will make the world of difference to playing Bioware's looter shooter. While there's a clear frontrunner (which we'll get to) each has a function and depending on your play style, or team make up, you might want to change things up. Anthem basically gives you four choices: the all round Ranger, speedy Interceptor, Hulk-busting Colossus and the magic using Storm. Knowing which one to pick and when to use them is a key part of the game and our guide will help you pick the best Anthem Javelin. 

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4. Ranger

Although it's the very first Javelin suit you get to own in Anthem, we'd advise moving away from the Anthem Ranger Javelin as soon as possible, unless you're someone who likes to not be forced into a specific play style. This is your basic all-rounder, a jack of all trades if you will, and definitely a master of none. The best thing in your Ranger arsenal is your ultimate, which allows you to target multiple enemies for a fast, devastating missile barrage. Otherwise, you're going to have to rely heavily on working those combos. For example, pair your pulse blast or seeking missiles with frost or inferno grenades to start stacking up those combos for a devastating attack.

3. Colossus

Does pain just make you stronger? Then the Colossus Javelin is for you. You’ll be the main target, shoving enemies aside with brute force and absorbing anything thrown at you, whether it’s a fireball from a Wyvern or a frost bolt from a Dominion. You can whip out your shield and charge at any foes on the ground foolish enough to stand in your way, or pop your ultimate for three immensely powerful cannon blasts that can tear even the strongest of enemies to shreds. You’re slow, but it doesn’t matter when you can take more hits than any other Javelin. The main downside is that your Ordnance and Heavy Assault Launchers can be somewhat underpowered compared to Interceptor or Storm’s abilities.

2. Interceptor

If you're someone who likes to get right in the thick of things, let me present the Interceptor. The fastest of all the Anthem Javelins, this streamlined suit enables you to get up close and personal with your enemies. It's capable of dodging in and out of battle thanks to its chained dashes, and has blades equipped that allow you to devastate enemies with fast and deadly melee attacks. Plus, you can equip a variety of elemental shurikens or grenades to prime your enemies for a combo, and then hit them with your totally focused melee ultimate.

1. Storm

The main thing about the Storm is it's hugely focused on area of effect elemental attacks, and gets extended hovering that also boosts its shield. That means you can bombard enemies from high up and with both your Blast and Focus Seals burn, freeze and electrify half the battlefield in a few seconds. It basically has a far wider reaching destructive capability than the Ranger, and it refreshes faster than the Colossus. It's also pretty sturdy, and certainly better armoured than the Interceptor. For dealing with Anthem's mobs and laying down high levels of damage fast it's the best option.

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