Anthem Interceptor Javelin guide: the best skills, abilities and combos to get the most out of Anthem’s speedy slasher

If you have the need for speed, then the Anthem Interceptor Javelin should be the clear choice for you. Although it may appear to be a weaker option as it can't take a lot of damage, the quick movement and speedy attacks it provides actually make it one of the strongest choices in Anthem. If you want to get the most out of it then you'll need to use that movement speed to flank enemies, fire off a quick burst attack, then dart away again before anyone can react to your presence. Have a read through our Anthem Interceptor Javelin guide and we'll explain it all.

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Interceptor specific skills and playstyle

The Interceptor Javelin’s speed is its greatest asset and actually makes it great for dealing with mobs because you can get in there and zip from enemy to enemy, often clearing a crowd in seconds. It’s not  so great with bosses and larger enemies though and in that case it’s either best to stick to clearing mobs while others take on the big guys or use it’s abilities to soften things up. 

For example the Target Beacon support system makes a target take more damage and combined with this classes acidic Venom options can massively increase the damage you can inflict on major boss enemies. 

In terms of Interceptor abilities these the unique options you’ll want to master: 

Triple jump: You can charge your first jump by holding the button down and then follow it up with a double and triple jump that stay at the initial height. It means you can clear a huge amount of space at incredible speeds. 

Triple dash: Like the triple jump you can also dash/dodge three times in any direction. It makes you a hard target to hit as well as, again, able to cover ground stupidly fast. 

More range: This is less a specific skill and more a bonus effect of the previous two skills. Because you can triple jump and then triple dash before entering flight you can effectively fly further before overheating. 

Best Interceptor assault system

  1. Venom Bomb: In Anthem’s primer/combo system of setting up combos this is a powerful primer grenade that does acid damage inside the blast radius and adds the acid status effect to anything you hit. That increases the damage affected targets take and used well can end tough enemies much faster. 
  2. Cryo Glaive: This is a combo primer that deals frost damage to multiple targets and sets them up for a detonator follow through. 
  3. Searching Glaive: This is a throwing star that homes in does high damage to a single target but has no primer or detonator ability. 
  4. Spark Dash: This is a powerful combo detonator but also a hard one to aim because your Interceptor will dash in the direction it’s facing, rather than the camera. 
  5. Cluster Mine: These are the least useful thing the Interceptor has. It’s not a primer or a detonator and needs an enemy to physical step on it to set it off. 

Best Interceptor strike systems

  1. Tempest Strike: This detonator attack is basically a big melee attack and is especially effective dropped from the air. 
  2. Venom Spray: This is a short range take that literally and figuratively melts away enemies with acid damage. It’s a great high damage option for mobs. 
  3. Plasma Star: This lets you throw out a handful of projectiles quickly for some decent damage. It’s not a primer or a detonator though so you might want to think about when its useful. 
  4. Detonating Strike: Ignore the name because this is a combo primer, not a detonator. Because why would Anthem make things easy? It’s short range, and doesn’t have a huge amount of damage. It might look cool but it isn’t actually that great. 
  5. Wraith Strike: This is a homing projectile that chains to other enemies. Again this isn’t a primer or a detonator and there are just better, more damaging attacks to use. 

Best Interceptor support system

  1. Target Beacon - this should always be your go to support option. It makes whatever target you hit take more damage from everyone in your squad, effectively weakening anything you hit. Basically don’t leave Fort Tarsis without it. 
  2. Rally Cry - This will clear any status effects from your team but it’s rarely a critical hing to pull out when all hell's breaking loose. Realistically it’s a nice idea that doesn’t really have much impact. 

Best Interceptor Combos

The Interceptor is all about close range attacks and all it’s combos involve going toe to toe with the bad things. For example, when you follow a primer with a detonator to complete a combo you gain an aura that inflicts the primer’s status effect enemies around you. For that use components to boost armor and shields for protection, as well as boost whatever elemental option your primer attacks are using. 

Essentially you have two main options: 

  1. Primer: Venom Bomb/Detonator: Tempst Strike - this is basically your best Interceptor combo option. The Venom Bomb has a wide radius of damage, massively weakens enemies, and you can throw it as you fly in to soften everything up as you arrive. The Tempest Strike detonator then lets you follow up and utterly destroy a crowd. 
  2. Primer: Cryo Glaive/Detonator:Tempest Strike - While the Cryo Glaive can only freeze a couple of enemies at a time it gives you an ice aura when it’s detonated. That will freeze any enemies nearby enemies opening them up for attack from everyone and stopping them from hitting you - helpful if you’ve just dashed into a Scar mob. Again, Tempest Strike is the best detonator to set things off. 

Best Interceptor Weapons

Because you’ll mostly be in things faces with this class the best Interceptor gun is the most disgusting shotgun you have in your collection. The filthier the better. Because you’re going to be spending most of your time at knife range it makes sense to have something that can lay down obscene damage at point blank range. If you don’t like the reload then try a machine pistol with a stupidly high fire rate - you’ll be so close you won’t have to worry about anything as trivial as ‘aiming’. 

Best Interceptor components

Given the need to fight at close range the best Interceptor components are things like shield and armor reinforcements for added protection. However melee inscriptions are are also a good call to boost damage as well. 

Interceptor ultimate - Assassin’s Blades

The Interceptor’s ultimate, Assassin’s Blades, give you a huge speed boost while rendering you invulnerable meaning you can attack faster and with little consequence. Pop it at the right time and you erase mops and drain a boss’ health. 

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