Anthem treasure chest locations and map guide

Anthem treasure chest locations

Tracking down some Anthem treasure chest locations is the best way to secure late game Legendary and Masterwork weapons and gear, and they're also a key requirement if you're working your way through the Anthem Tomb challenges. Of course, you'll generally want to find Anthem treasure chests anyway, so you can hoover up the sweet loot they contain! To make it more of a challenge, they're often tucked away in less obvious spots in the Anthem world, so we've pulled out the key locations in this guide to help you track them down. We've also put together an Anthem treasure chest farming route that will net you 15 treasure chests in a single run, because we're nice like that.

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What are Anthem treasure chests 

In Anthem, treasure chests are the key method of obtaining and getting better loot and equipment. You'll earn them as rewards for completing World Events and Strongholds, but you can also find treasure chests in Anthem by just exploring the the world of the Bastion. 

Why are treasure chests so important for the Tomb of Yvenia challenge?

When you reach the Tomb of Yvenia, you'll discover that you need to open 15 Anthem treasure chests to complete one of the objectives. The way this used to work is that you had to be the player to open the chest otherwise it wouldn't count, but that's been fixed in a recent patch so as long as you're near a teammate when they open it, you'll receive the progress towards the challenge too.

How to get better loot from Anthem treasure chests

Since you're going to just be flying from one chest to the next, you won't be fighting any enemies. Start your freeplay mode on the hardest difficulty possible that you can access; Grandmaster 3 if you've unlocked it, Hard if not. The loot you receive from Anthem treasure chests will be better since you're on a higher difficulty level. If you have any gear or equipment with a +Luck stat, equip that too, because it will increase your chances of rarer drops.

Anthem treasure chest locations map

This Anthem treasure chests map covers almost 30 treasure chests around the Academy Ruins, Great Falls Canyon, and Valley of Tarsis areas of the Bastion. There's undoubtedly loads more to find in the Anthem map, but for now this is a solid amount to get started with. The numbers indicate the optimal route for collecting them all, provided you're not partaking in any World Events as you pass.

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  1. For the first Anthem treasure chest, enter freeplay just north of Fort Tarsis and fly slightly east. On the corner of the enormous wall defences, right next to a turret, is where you'll find a chest.
  2. Hop down the enormous waterfall to the north-west and the second one is swimming with the fishes.
  3. Come back out of the water and fly north-east. There's a treasure chest on an elevated ledge, near a tent.
  4. Cross back over the water to the rock plateau, with another campsite and as you'd expect, another treasure chest.
  5. Drop off to the north side and at the very bottom is another treasure chest spawn against the cliffside.
  6. Fly over the narrower river to the north-west and drop down onto the next cliff. You can find a chest hiding round the corner of a rock on top.
  7. Go east into the Watchtower of Arath area and you'll find a small campsite in a clearing, with a possible treasure chest spawn next to it.
  8. Carry on following the river then when you get to the end, fly up to the bridge. Behind it and to the right is where you'll find a chest surrounded by leaves.
  9. Turn around and fly north-east, where you'll find a destroyed tower just inside the Great Falls Canyon. Inside it is another chest.
  10. Fly east until you're under the words "Great Falls" on the map. There will be a series of bridges in front of you. On the right is a small campsite with a treasure chest.
  11. Jump in the water north of the last chest and right at the bottom of the pool is another spawn.
  12. Still underwater, turn around and swim back into a wider underwater area. You'll see a small cave opening. Swim inside and come up out of the water, with another chest on the ground in front of you.
  13. Follow the cave round the corner and against the dead end is the final chest spawn for this area.
  14. Fly south into the Valley of Tarsis and against the western wall is another chest, further along from the rocky overhang and up a few slopes.
  15. Fly over the swamp-like area you're in to the opposite side. Look for a bridge where some Sentinels will likely be fighting a few enemies, then hop off the side and just north of the bridge is a small cave with some minerals and a chest inside.
  16. Go back over the bridge and into the water on the other side, because there's another chest spawn on the river floor.
  17. Come out of the water and like number 15, there's another cave on the opposite side of the river with another spawn in.
  18. For the next one, follow the river all the way down south and dive down for another potential chest.
  19. Now go all the way back up north, past the bridge and into Great Falls Canyon. As you enter the new region of the map, in front of you will be an enormous rock in the middle. Fly round to the other side and there's a chest tucked in, slightly raised above the floor.
  20. Look south-west and you'll see a cave in the cliff face with a blue glow. Fly inside and follow it to the end. As you leave, bank up and left to find another smaller blue cave with a chest spawn right in front of you.
  21. Fly east until you come to Honor Valley, then cross all of the buildings and enemies until you reach the eastern wall. Behind one of the towers on the opposite side is a small cave with a chest spawn inside.
  22. Go left out of the cave and up the hill until you find another cave with a blue glow on your left. Climb the ledge inside to find the final chest spawn.

By now you should have found 15 chests for the Tomb of Yvenia. If you haven't simply head out of freeplay then back in to join another server and revisit all of these spots until you've found enough chests.

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