Anthem Tombs challenge guide - how to complete the Tomb of Yvenia challenge and the Challenge of the Legionnaires

You don't have to spend long playing the game before you run into the Anthem tomb challenges, as you'll encounter The Challenges of the Legionnaires within your first few hours with Anthem. These may come as a bit of a shock for newer players, as they present a fairly tough and time-consuming list of tasks to tick off. There are a number of tombs available - Tomb of Yvenia, Tomb of Artinia, Tomb of Gawnes, and Tomb of Cariff - and each one has its own set of challenges plus a critical objective to complete, which means you can't continue on through the campaign until you've finished all of these tasks. If you want to press on then take a read through our Anthem tomb challenges guide, so you can get cracking with the rest of the story. 

Where are the Anthem tomb challenges? 

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The Anthem tombs are marked on your map at the points listed below:  

  • Tomb of Cariff - under the giant ruins at the Sanctuary of Dunar
  • Tomb of Gawnes - at the base of the waterfall you’ll find here.
  • Tomb of Yvenia - follow the river south into the cave. 
  • Tomb of Artinia - hard to miss at ground level, in the open, where the marker appears on the map.

After starting the Tomb mission, you can approach these doors and each one will give you the things you need to do to open the chamber. It’s basically a list of challenges to do in freeplay such as completing missions, opening treasure chests scoring multi kills and so on. 

You can start completing the Anthem Tomb challenges as soon as you hit level three

One thing that does make these Anthem Tomb challenges much easier is the fact that when you hit level three - despite not reaching the Tomb challenges yet - all progress towards them counts for when you do unlock them. This change came in a recent patch, after players complained that they'd already done the required tasks then had to do them all again.

How can I check Anthem tomb challenges progress?

There are two ways to check what’s left to tick off on your Anthem Tomb Challenges. Firstly you can access your Journal page, go to Critical Objective, then Freeplay and then Tomb of the Legionnaires. This will tell you which of three stages you’re at for each: ‘Find the tomb’, ‘Complete the challenges’ and ‘Enter tomb’.

If you actually want to know what you have to do without checking at each tomb’s door you’ll have to access Challenges and Expeditions in your Journal and then Freeplay where you see all the tomb challenges listed and what you have left. 

What are the Anthem Tomb Challenges 

Once you get the Tomb mission you’ll have to complete a series of challenges that revolve around basic in-game activities like kills, revives and so on. remember , this starts counting from when you start the Tomb challenges so trying to do anything in advance is just a waste of time. This is the breakdown of each tombs requirements: 

Tomb of Gawnes Challenges

Melee defeats x 50
This is basic enough. Just melee enemies to death. If you’ve not got a great class for melee attacks then try jump/melee attacks for extra damage. 

Ultimate defeats x 50
You’ll need to use your ultimates here to kill 50 enemies so save them for clustered groups of grunts rather than bosses if you want to tick this one off faster. 

Legendary defeats x 3
You can’t miss a legendary enemy, it’s things like those huge titans. Basically the biggest of the big. You only have to kill three but it can take a little time just because the fight will drag on. 

Tomb of Cariff Challenges

Missions x 3
This is easy enough, just complete three missions. Anything counts so just grab some expeditions.

Gear defeats x 30
You’ll need to rack up kills with gear here, so any of the non-gun weapons you can equip for each class (the stuff you fire with Q/E on PC or shoulder bumpers on console). 

Combo Triggers x 15
A combo trigger occurs when you hit an enemy with any of you primer abilities and then follow up with a detonator ability. These are marked with a circle and four pointed star icon respectively when you look at your loadout.

Multi-kills x3
This has been problematic for some but according to a BioWare dev a “multi kill is 8 kills in a 10 second window. It doesn't matter how you kill them (ults, skills, weapons etc)”. That said there’s seems to be some uncertainty whether kills that aren’t in the main open world area count. 

Tomb of Yvenia Challenges

Treasure chests x15
This is the fun one. You have to open 15 treasure chests in the world, either from World Events or Strongholds, or from ones you can find around the map. It doesn't have to be you that opens them though, as long as it's one of your teammates and you're in a close radius.

Harvests x 25
This just requires you collect 25 crafting resources from the world. That could be minerals, organic and so on. 

Javelins repaired x 3
Just repair three downed teammates to get this done. If you want you can just take turns getting killed and helping each other to speed through it. 

Collectibles x 10
Just hoover up any notes intel/info type things you see in the world. 

Tomb of Artinia Challenges 

World Events x 5
Simply complete any five world events, which are marked on the map with purple icons. 

Weapon defeats x 30
Just kill things with guns. Nothing clever or pretty here. 

Weak Point Defeats x15
Pretty easier here: kill things by shooting weak spots so aim for those headshots. 

Elite defeats x 9
Elites are the higher level basic enemies you meet, usually with a shield bar rather than a Titan or boss.

What do you get for completing the Anthem tomb challenges? 

You get to keep playing Anthem. Yayy-ayyy...ay? Okay, there’s a treasure chest inside each tomb in case collecting 15 of those to complete the quest wasn’t enough but otherwise the main reward here is you can continue playing the game. Assuming you want to at this point. 

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