Anthem Hidden Places - all the Hidden Places locations in Anthem and how to find them

The Anthem Hidden Places are an unusual prospect, as their appearance and contents aren't consistent across the game - you'll visit some of them as part of the main story, whereas others can only be discovered if you go off looking for them. Some of the Anthem Hidden Places are stacked with loot, some are teeming with enemies, and others can be pretty empty - especially if you head into them on your own. On our journey through Anthem we've found nine Hidden Places, in areas ranging from The Sovereign Mine to The Hollow. If you're trying to find all of the Anthem Hidden Places and explore them to determine exactly what they contain, then follow our guide here for the exact locations of all nine discovered so far.

The Mandible

On the north-west side of Great Falls Canyon, The Mandible is found inside a large Scar camp.

The Hollow

On the other side of the cliff from The Mandible, The Hollow is a cave that descends deep underground and is full of Outlaws.

The Dungeon

The Dungeon is in the north-west corner of the map and once again, is filled with Outlaws.

The Shrine

The Shrine is down in the south-east corner and guess what you’ll find there? That’s right, more Outlaws.

The Necropolis

Slightly west of East Gate is where you’ll find the small cave entrance to The Necropolis which opens up into an enormous cavern filled with.... Outlaws.

The Haven

The Haven has the coolest entrance, behind an enormous waterfall in the Valley of Tarsis. Venture forth to find a bunch of Scar.

The Sovereign Mine

East of the Ruins of Shadowmark is where you’ll find The Sovereign Mine, filled with Dominion.

The Core

Even further east is where you’ll find The Core, hidden down a path behind a small mountain. Inside, you’ll find a plethora of Scar.

The Foundry

You'll enter The Foundry as part of one of Anthem's final story missions, but if you want to go there early then make your way to the Emerald Abyss.

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