Anthem Guide: Everything you need to become the best Freelancer in Fort Tarsis

Anthem Guide

If you're getting stuck into the expansive world Bioware has created then it's important to have an Anthem guide to refer to, as you're on your own once you leave the safety of Fort Tarsis and there's plenty you need to know about. Whether you're looking for information on the best Javelin to pick, a quick way to farm treasure chests, or general tips for surviving the battles ahead, we've got all of that and more right here in our Anthem guide. Follow our advice and you'll make your progress much quicker and easier - let's get started...

Anthem review

Anthem review

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In our full Anthem review we've provided our complete verdict on the game, after some 30 odd hours of play. The TL:DR version is that it feels like an empty, utterly frustrating mess that's no-where near done. Multiplayer isn't all its cracked up to be, and although the story picks up in the second half of the game, it's not the BioWare magic that we were expecting.

Anthem guides

General Anthem tips

When you get started, there is a lot that Anthem doesn't tell you. In fact there's so much, you're expected to delve into the menus and read the extensive cortex to find out. Make sure you have the best start possible by following 13 of our Anthem tips, because unless you're an Anthem aficionado, you're going to need them.

Best Javelins in Anthem

Best Anthem Javelins

After you play the prologue, you'll be required to pick your Javelin. But with four to choose from, how do you know which is best?! Luckily, we've done the work for you. Our best Anthem Javelins guide takes a look at all four Javelins so you can decide which Javelin is the right one for your playstyle - and the strongest.

Some of Anthem's biggest problems

Anthem problems

With all of that said, it's no secret there are some serious Anthem problems. From the strict teleportation when you're just a few steps behind your teammates to the lack of waypoints and severe amount of loading screens, the upcoming day one patch will likely fix some but not all of the issues with the game. Make sure you have a look if you're on the fence about picking Anthem up or not.

How to accumulate Ember in Anthem

Anthem ember

Very early on, you'll meet Prospero in the Fort Tarsis market who wants you to go into the Bastion and search for Ember. How to get it isn't properly explained though, so follow our Anthem Ember locations guide for more information on how to get it, where to find it, and what to do with it.

How the microtransactions work in Anthem

Anthem microtransactions

We'll leave the discussion around microtransactions in a £50/$60 game to another day, and instead we've simply taken a look at the Anthem microtransactions. We've got everything you need to know about how the Anthem store works, what you can buy, how much everything costs, what the different types of currency mean... you know the drill.

Anthem Tombs of the Legionnaires

Anthem Tomb challenges

You'll reach a point in Anthem where you'll encounter the Anthem Tomb challenges and be dumbfounded that such filler content could be thrown into the middle of a promising game. You have to complete the Challenges of the Legionnaires which involve things like 50 melee kills, 15 combo triggers, 25 harvests and more. The reward you get is really cool and worthwhile though, honestly.

Anthem Treasure chest farming route

Anthem treasure chests

One of the challenges for the Tombs of the Legionnaires involves opening 15 chests, so we've done a detailed guide on where to find a lot of Anthem treasure chests and an easy route to farm them all. Fly through this a couple of times and you'll have found enough chests in no time at all.

Anthem Hidden Places locations

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Hidden Places in Anthem are odd. Some of them are used in the story - but not all - and some of them are littered with chests and loot, but again - not all of them. Some of them also have enemies, whereas others tend to be empty if you venture in by yourself. All we know is that we've found nine Anthem Hidden Places so far, from The Sovereign Mine to The Hollow, and all the details on their locations are in our guide.

How to get Anthem multi-kills

How to get Anthem multi-kills

Another challenge you'll need to tackle as part of the Tombs of the Legionnaires is obtaining a number of multi-kills for the Trial of Cariff. This isn't as easy as it sounds, because Anthem defines multi-kills differently to most games. To find out more and get some tips for completing the challenge, take a look at our how to get Anthem multi-kills guide.

How to level up fast in Anthem

How to level up fast in Anthem

Since the main story for Anthem is much shorter than expected, levelling up to the endgame content can be a slog. If you're finding that applies to you, why not learn how to level up fast in Anthem? From legendary contracts to upping the difficulty, we've got a number of tips to help you reach level 30 in no time at all.

Anthem story & lore explained

Anthem story explained

If you've jumped into Anthem but you've not the foggiest of ideas what's going on, you're going to want to take a look at the Anthem story explained by two of the lead writers at BioWare. From background lore and the individual characters, to the Legion of Dawn and the Heart of Rage, everything is covered here so you'll be in the loop when you progress through the game.

On The Radar - Anthem

Two weeks' worth of in-depth Anthem coverage

Anthem features

Before Anthem launched, we spent two weeks delving into the game and discovering what BioWare's brand new IP was all about. Featuring countless interviews from people who worked on the game, a piece on how Anthem can learn from other games in the genre, and how Anthem was almost a free-to-play game and more. It can all be found in our On The Radar Anthem page which contains all of our On the Radar: Anthem features, interviews and news.

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