Anthem Storm Javelin guide: the best skills, abilities and combos to maximise the magic flinging mech suit

Of the four options available, the Anthem Storm Javelin is pretty much the best choice for you to pick. Not only is it durable and able to deal large amounts of damage, but it can also launch various AoE attacks which are perfect for taking out any big groups of enemies that come your way in Anthem. The strength of this Javelin is drawn from its extended hovering ability, which buffs your shields and keeps you protected as you fire off a raft of elemental attacks at your enemies below. Whether by luck or design, the Anthem Storm Javelin is the most powerful and well rounded option available, so take a look through our guide to find out why.

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Storm specific skills and playstyle

The Storm’s strengths are built around its ability to cast powerful elemental attacks and hover for longer periods with a boosted shield while it’s in the air. Because of that the Storms natural place is floating above, overseeing the action with gunfire and a reign of fire and ice. 

In terms of how to best use the Anthem Storm Javelin consider these key facets of its strengths: 

1. Extended hover: The Storm Javelin can hover for longer and gets a small shield boost while it’s doing it. That means it’s always strongest in the air where it can use the advantage of height to target enemies. 

2. Blast and Focus attacks favor groups: The Storm equips a Blast Seal and Focus Seal to dish out elemental attacks. A lot of these have a large radius of effect or target multiple enemies. Because of that you really want to find groups of enemies to target for maximum impact. 

3. Choose mid range guns: Because the Storm is best hovering above the fight you want to go for things like assault and marksman rifles - things that are good at medium to long range. Close options like shotguns and machine pistols, or longer choices like snipers will mean you’ll be too close or too far to get the best from your elemental attacks. 

Best Storm Blast Seals

1. Ice Storm - This combo primer is probably the best blast seal the storm has because it affects a large area and freezes enemies - reducing their threat and making it easier to land a detonator attack. 

2. Living Flame - This is essentially a fiery homing missile that can hit multiple targets. It might not prime as many enemies for a combo detonation but the fact it seeks out enemies makes it useful to just shoot out and let it do all the work.

3. Ice Blast - This fires a chunk of ice that damages and freezes enemies. It does some good damage and primes enemies for a combo but has a straight trajectory, so you really need a clear line of sight to use it. 

4. Lightning Strike - This deals lightning damage over an area in one big blast. It’s okay as an attack but it’s also a detonator with a large area of effect that doesn’t really have a good primer to set it up, so it’s a bit of a wasted opportunity. 

5. Flame Burst - This fires a succession of explosions which deals fire damage within the affected radius. Fired multiple times it can make quick work of enemy groups but neither primes nor detonates a combo. 

Best Storm Focus Seals

1. Burning Orb - This is a burning ball of fire that can be used as several smaller shots or charged into one big one. That make it a useful detonator, as you can spam the smaller shots or splash damage the big one. 

2. Glacial Spear - This is basically an ice beam you can direct at enemies. It’s not the most powerful option but makes a good all round detonator. Especially given the Blast Seal’s primer dominance. 

3. Frost Shards - A rapid flurry of freezing ice chunks you can spam at enemies. They’re not hugely powerful but good with mobs and tight spaces. And if you can hit a lot of enemies then the Lightning Strike Blast Seal detonator can get them all in a combo. 

4. Shock Burst - This is a ball of lighting that bounces off walls which means it’s only really useful in tight spaces. It’s also a primer which means you have to hope it hits something and then use the Lighting Strike Blast Seal detonator.

5. Arc Burst - This fires a bolt of lightning that jumps between enemies, and another option  that’s good to just hurl in the general direction of trouble. It neither primes nor detonates though. 

Best Storm support system

1. Wind Wall - This is basically a shield wall you can throw up wherever you’re looking that stops incoming projectiles. It’s great for getting control back of a messy firefight and giving you and your team somewhere to muster.

2. Nexus - This creates an area where gear cooldowns are increased. If you have a team that are all paying attention it can have an impact on a fight but will otherwise likely end up glowing unloved in a corner somewhere. 

Best Storm Combos

The Primer dominance of the Storm’s Blast Seals means you’ve you’ve really only got Ice Storm or Living Flame to start with, depending on whether you want an area of effect, or a homing option respectively. The best follow up detonators are then either Burning Orb or Glacial Spear. The first lets you spam out firebolts to trigger a combo while the second’s beam lets you paint affected enemies. 

Best Storm Weapons

As we’ve already mentioned you really want a good mid or mid-long weapon with a Storm. Its focus on area of effect attacks and hovering advantage means you want to be on the edge of the battle rather than in it, or miles away. Basically, get a feel for the seals you like using and build a loadout around the assault and marksman rifles that suit it. Given that most abilities have an arc or radius to use, you don’t want to go too far away, or end up right on top of whatever you’re trying to hurt.

Best Storm components

You really want to be maximising the Storms non-weapon abilities to get the best out of it so go for things like Elemental Empowerment which boosts your gear recharge by 50% but costs you a 20% damage reduction. It’s worth taking the hit on damage for the chance to attack more, although Elemental Synergy will increase your damage by 50% and decrease the recharge by 20% if you want to hit harder but less often. The other two options to look out for are the Ice and Fire Inscriptions that boost their respective damage types. 

Storm ultimate - Elemental Storm

The Storm’s ult is basically ‘what if I could do all my tricks at once?’ It fires a barrage of ice, lightning and fire in turn, and then magics up a meteor strike as a finale. It’s a powerful attack wherever you use it but works best to thin out large groups.

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