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Twitch suspends two streamers after Warzone actor livestreamed them cheating

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(Image credit: Activision)

Twitch has suspended two Call of Duty: Warzone streamers after the duo were allegedly caught cheating when playing against Warzone actress Alex Zedra

BeardedBanger and Sarah "Icy Vixen" Belles were reported when Zedra, who also just so happens to portray Operator Mara in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone, spotted dodgy gameplay which seemed to intimate her opponents were using aimbots and wallhacks.

Icy Vixen was suspended first, and - after pushing back and boasting that he was about to be offered a Twitch partnership after 12 days on the service - a suspension swiftly followed for BeardedBanger, too.

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"Thank you Twitch for banning the most toxic hackers I’ve ever come across in my five years of being on this platform," Zedra tweeted (opens in new tab) earlier today. "Glad I got to witness him being banned live after being called bitch and to 1v1 them as they’re blatantly hacking."

ICYMI, Call of Duty: Warzone is celebrating its first anniversary (opens in new tab) with a new way to track and share your records via a new feature called the Warzone Report (opens in new tab).

All you need to do to get your Warzone Report is head to Twitter, pull up the Tweet from the official Call of Duty account, and respond with the hashtag #WarzoneReport and the gamertag for your Activision account. Give it a second and the official account will reply to your Tweet with a custom image loaded up with your stats and tag.

Aside from reminding us all of our skills or lack thereof, Activision is also celebrating the anniversary by teasing what's next for Warzone. That includes some anniversary gifts for prominent players which may tease the addition of zombies to the Gulag (opens in new tab), and ever more rumors around the Warzone nuke (opens in new tab) event.

A year later, Warzone's operator skins prove it's finally learning how to have some fun (opens in new tab).

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