Transformers: War for Cybertron Emblem Guide

46. Checkpoint: The Threat Emerges

As soon as the mission starts, walk forward through the doorway and turn around. The emblem will be right there, above the doorway. Easy peasy!

47. Checkpoint: The Threat Emerges

When you reach the energon battery that needs to be destroyed to proceed, do so and continue down the tunnel. Once you exit, immediately look in the alcove on the right. In here, the emblem will be high up on the far wall. Be careful that you don’t go too far though once you exit the tunnel as Trypticon will trigger a cutscene and you won’t be able to return to get it.

48: Checkpoint: The Threat Emerges

When the gang falls to the ground and Trypticon starts with his bravado, head to the bottom floor and go to the far back and there will be a destroyed wall with the emblem sitting on the other side.

49. Checkpoint: The Threat Emerges

You see that large pillar in the middle of the battle arena? Sure you do. You’re probably hiding behind it. Well, go around to the other side of it to find an emblem there.

50. Checkpoint: The Battle Continues

Once you reach the second part of the battle with Trypticon, head to the far left side and you will see two circle-ish metal plates against the wall. There will be a crack in the middle with some flames in it along with the final emblem of the game. Shoot it and do a dance or a jig or whatever it is that you do.

Jun 28, 2010