Transformers: War for Cybertron Emblem Guide

16. CheckPoint: The Omega Key is Angry

At the start of the chapter, exit the ship and drop down to the bridge. Look back and up to find the first emblem there.

17. CheckPoint: Enemies Within

After you have dealt with Omega Supreme’s hand, you will head right, into a shaft that has a glass dome dangling. Directly behind it will be another Autobot symbol. Shoot it and move along.

18. CheckPoint: Heavy Resistance

When Starscream shows up to distract Omega Supreme, make your way around the left side of the area until you reach the far side of where you entered from. There will be a rather large alcove there with the emblem hanging on the left side of the wall.

19. CheckPoint: Maintenance Tunnels

After you head through the energon power conduit, you’ll encounter some aerial bots. Take them out and then look across the area – under the conduit above you – to find an emblem sitting waaaaay across from you on top of the tube that you just ran up. Pop it and get moving.

20. CheckPoint: Across the Bridge

After you make it across the bridge where Omega Supreme is attacking and after you make the jump to the other side, head to the room on the left and the emblem waiting there will be behind a shield as you enter. To get the emblem, use a grenade or mortar and lob it through the opening above the shield. If you don`t have either, you can pick up some grenades directly behind you.

Chapter 5 %26ndash; The Final Guardian

21: CheckPoint: Megatron Vs. The Omega Key

As soon as you have control, look directly across and down and you will see the emblem by Omega Supreme`s legs, against the wall on the lower level, behind an Overshield pickup.

22: CheckPoint: Megatron Vs. The Omega Key

Up the ramp from where you begin the mission, there is a Scrapmaker weapon. Directly to the left of it and up high on the wall is another emblem.

23. CheckPoint: Megatron Vs. The Omega Key

For this symbol, it can take some time. You need to get Omega Supreme to destroy the walls surrounding the battlefield. Whether it`s all the walls or it just happened to be the last wall I needed, I`m not entirely sure – but regardless – you will need to get OS to use his tractor beam on you, so that you start to get red circles around you, and then hide behind the wall. Each wall has two sections. Once you pull enough off, the symbol will be revealed.

24. CheckPoint: Megatron Vs. The Omega Key

This symbol is located up high on the right wall – if you are facing where the Overshield and the first emblem were -around the middle of the arena. Take a peeksy upward to find it just hanging around.

25: CheckPoint: Megatron Vs. The Omega Key

The final emblem for this chapter is on the left side – again assuming you are facing where the Overshield and first emblem were. You can only see half of it, but it`s there, high up just like the previous emblem was.