Transformers: War for Cybertron Emblem Guide

26. Checkpoint: Iacon Under Siege

As soon as you have control of Optimus after leaving the lift, listen to the giant holographic Jetfire blab on for a bit. As you do, take a peek between his legs to see the first emblem there.

27. Checkpoint: The Broken Lift

As you get outside of the glass walkway where the Decepticon War Machine was, hop over the barrier and continue along the walkway until you see the emblem on the far right. It will be quite a ways across, sitting on a pipe – judging you, silently making fun of you.

28: Checkpoint: Iacon Speedway

Once you get past the few war machines and continue through the tubes, Bumble Bee will say” oh great! The speedway’s out!” From here, the other two Autobot’s will zoom off to the lower level. Don’t jump down just yet as the next emblem is waiting for you directly across the way.

29: Checkpoint: Central Ventilation System

The easiest way to find this emblem is to reach the circular platforms that rotate around large pillars. Before jumping over to them, do a 180 turn to the edge of the walkway behind you and look down and to the left a bit. The emblem will be right there staring at you.

30. Checkpoint: Inside the Decagon

When you enter the room that makes you realign the data streams, head up to the broadcast room by riding the large boxes that form. Once you take the ramp up to the third lift, ride the box and shoot the emblem directly across and up from you before you reach the top.

Chapter 7 %26ndash; Kaon Prison Break

31. Checkpoint: Courtyard

After you pick up your first weapons, head across the walkway into the next room. Clear it out and continue through the next door to another walkway. Once on it, look to the left side to find the first emblem just floating there above some wires.

32. Checkpoint: Megatron’s Ambush

As you break out of prison with your axe – because having an axe in prison seems to be ok with decepticons – head down the hallway all the way to the end and to the right you will see the emblem in a cell with some autobots. Wonder what the emblem did wrong to end up there. Shoot it with the weapon you grab in the hall and free it of its misery.

33: Checkpoint: Hangar

After you free Air Raid and the rest of the the Autobots, you will eventually come to a room that has a window in the floor and you can see a swarm of Autobots running. In the next room, after you clear it out, look out the middle window to see the Autobots hopping into dropships. Above the farthest left ship, will be another emblem.

34. Checkpoint: The Final Approach

Once you destroy the crawlers and hop out, you will come to some missile firing decepticons that are taking out the floor around you. Once you get past the second set of them, head up the ramp and the next emblem will be on the far right – plain as day, almost as if it’s winking at you, saying “hi, how YOU doin?”.

35. Checkpoint: The Final Approach

After you pass the missile firing cons, keep following the giant arrows until you finally reach the last ramp and bridge where you will hear Megatron chime in with “you’ll never leave this place alive, Optimus”. When you hear that, you are at the final ramp. Make a right before going up and find the emblem there under the bridge.