Tom Holland has been "actively" involved in Spider-Man 4 conversations, but won't return for the sake of it

Spider-Man: No Way Home
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Tom Holland has talked about a potential Spider-Man 4 – but has made it clear he won't return as the webslinger unless there's a good enough reason. 

Holland first played Spider-Man in 2016's Captain America: Civil War, and he has since appeared in his own trilogy of movies, along with Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame

"All I can say is that we have been actively engaging in conversations about what it could potentially look like for a fourth rendition of my character," Holland said at a press conference attended by Collider. "Whether or not we can find a way to do justice to the character is another thing. I feel very protective over Spider-Man. I feel very, very lucky that we were able to work on a franchise that got better with each movie, that got more successful with each movie, which I think is really rare, and I want to protect his legacy."

He added: "So, I won't make another one for the sake of making another one. It will have to be worth the while of the character."

Before Spider-Man: No Way Home hit theaters, Sony producer Amy Pascal teased that a new trilogy was in the works – but this was soon walked back. Sony movie's chairman has also said a fourth movie will be made, but after Holland's comments, the future is still somewhat murky. 

By the sounds of it, though, a fourth movie could well happen, but only if there's a valid reason. Considering No Way Home ended with the world forgetting Peter Parker, we're sure there's plenty of story left to be told. Here's hoping we see Holland back in the Spidey suit again. 

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