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Titanfall 2 ships flying above an Apex Legends map lead to a slate of fan theories

Apex Legends
(Image credit: EA)

A fleet of ships have appeared in the sky over the Apex Legends Olympus map, and fans think they resemble a style of ship last seen in Titanfall 2.

In the post below on a subreddit dedicated to the lore surrounding Apex Legends, a user notes that a fleet of ships have appeared in the sky above the Olympus map. These ships, which might seem slightly unassuming at first, actually bear a striking resemble to the ships used by IMC forces at one point in the Titanfall 2 campaign.

Fleet of ships has appeared in the sky on Olympus, very reminiscent of the fleet in the arc mission from titanfall 2 from r/ApexLore

This has lead some fans to think a slightly more obscure Titanfall 2 crossover could be coming to Apex Legends relatively soon. Don't forget though, we've already got one Titanfall 2 crossover to look forward to in newcomer Valkyrie, who will join Apex Legends with the forthcoming Season 9, and is actually the daughter of a slain antagonist who featured in Titanfall 2's campaign.

In terms of these ships though, Apex Legends fans are divided over what they could mean. One line of thinking is that they bear a resemblance to ships used by Fuse in his cinematic intro, meaning that they could potentially be salvo ships ready to rain down destruction on Olympus. If that's the case, it'd spell the end for the paradise map which was only just introduced a few months ago with the launch of Season 7.

Some think this could be related to Mad Maggie, the announcer who takes up voiceover duties for some special limited-time modes in Apex Legends. Some fans think the announcer could be about to drop a payload on the Olympus map which, again, would decimate the map. Either way, fans are convinced that the Olympus map is in for some destruction in just a few week's time.

Speaking of, it's not long until the new season of Apex Legends launches. Valkyrie will be joining the game with Season 9 on May 4, and later today on April 26, developer Respawn will be unveiling new information about the forthcoming season, including exciting details on how the game is going to "go beyond battle royale" with its new season. With Valkyrie and the promise of a new way to play, it's an exciting time to be an Apex Legends player.

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