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Thursday Link-a-mania

Longer Diaries
One of the undoubted hits of the new US TV season has been The Vampire Diaries. No surprises there – tapping into the obsessive Twilight/vampire romance demographic was always going to be a smart move – but nonetheless, the success of the series (based on LJ Smith's books) must have been a very nice surprise for the moneymen at the CW. Enough, so
says, for the network to issue a full season order. Brits wanting to see what's attracted nearly 4 million American viewers won't have too long to wait – it's coming to ITV2 in the new year.

Hungry Like the Wolf
There must be a full moon, because a new trailer for the Wolfman has just popped up on Apple . We're not sure about the rock track that backs the footage – it all feels a bit like a Meat Loaf video – but there's a lot here to enjoy. Indeed, the hints at Benicio del Toro's transformation from man to beast look set to surpass even the An American Werewolf In London benchmark, while we reckon Anthony Hopkins' performance as the Wolfman's weird dad is going to explore new dimensions of glorious hamminess. Jurassic Park III (and future Captain America) director Joe Johnston is the man calling the shots on the movie, which opens on Friday 12 February 2010.

It's All Ogre
On the big screen he's the biggest ogre in town. Alas, it seems Broadway's too big a swamp for Shrek, whose stage musical is going to shut up shop on 3 January. Variety says that wildly fluctuating box office figures have been the problem since the show began its run last November. There could be a happy ever after for Shrek, Donkey and Fiona, however – the show's going on a nationwide US tour from next July (conveniently coinciding with the cinematic release of Shrek Goes Forth).

Deal in a Half Shell
Variety 's reporting that Viacom has nabbed the rights for the 25-year-old (and still going strong) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise. They've paid $60 million for the privilege, and are planning a new movie outing (the fifth) and a new animated Nickelodeon TV series. Both are set for 2012, though we're still waiting for confirmation on whether Leonardo will still be leading, Donatello will still be doing machines and Raphael will still be cool but crude. Chances are that Michelangelo will be all partied out. We're also not sure whether Viacom has negotiated the deal so they can get away with paying the quartet in pizza.