This multi-game Xbox One S All-Digital bundle at Currys is absurdly good value

This multi-game Xbox One S All-Digital bundle at Currys is absurdly good value
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Cheap Xbox bundle deal alert! If you've fancied the All-Digital edition for any reason - it'd make a great secondary console, as a gift, or for the kids, for example - then this here deal is amazingly good value. Over at Currys, you can get the 1TB All-Digital edition of the Xbox One S, with FIFA 20, Sea of Thieves, Minecraft, Forza Horizon 3 and one month of the Xbox Live Gold subscription for just £169. This saves you 60 quid of the usual price, and the overall bang-for-buck value this offers is immense. Plus, the games are a great 'starter' set for this console, covering a breadth of genres and setting you up extremely well to add whatever else you want via the Gold pass subscription which gives you access to hundreds and hundreds of other games.

Yup, it won't give you an option for playing Blu-ray movies or accept any physical discs from cheap Xbox game deals that you may find, but it's not necessarily positioned to behave or act as a main console anyway. And you still get the bonus of every game being boosted by HDR. This really would make a great auxiliary console as a result, or as a gaming machine used to make the most of Xbox's game library (perhaps via Xbox Game Pass) to revisit some of your favourites that aren't on this generation of machines - and those that are!

While we don't know exactly what this years Black Friday game deals will bring with them in terms of price reductions, you probably won't find much better than this. It's a great value bundle we have no problems recommending.

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