This Call of Duty Warzone parachute technique is one way to deal with campers

Warzone Rumble
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There are few things more frustrating than finding someone camping a nasty position in Call of Duty Warzone.

One Redditor has found a rather excellent way to deal with one such camper, who was posted up in a watchtower. While up there, they were holding a nasty angle on a ladder and diligently gunning down anyone who dares try to enter.

User Wazzaaa777 (opens in new tab) shared a brief clip on Reddit, showing off a pretty standard move you can pull to get in from above if you happen to find yourself in a similar situation. In the video, we see Wazzaaa climbing up a building to get a nice height advantage on a tower just beyond some trees.

How To: Push fire tower campers from r/CODWarzone

Another enemy player has posted up in the tower and, by the OP's own words, the person "was destroying my team!" so they did the only thing they could; parachute in from above and get the literal drop on the camper.

In the clip we see the player gracefully gliding through the sky, pulling off some genuinely fantastic sideways parachute flying. As they approach the tower, Wazzaa sticks the landing, which looks kind of difficult to perfect, and pounces on the unaware enemy player.

They come crashing through one of the open windows at the top of the tower, subsequently gunning down the camper and saving the day.

The key to this pushing technique working, according to the comments, is because of the sideways parachuting we see being utilized. Apparently, by doing this with the parachute you can travel a much further distance because it slows down your rate of descent.

One user, seemingly impressed with the move has been inspired to try it out, saying "That was pretty god damn impressive. I’ll be using this for sure."

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