These are the cheap gaming monitor deals you've been looking for - save big on Samsung's CRG9 screen

Samsung G7 gaming monitor
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These are definitely the gaming monitor deals you've been looking for: reinvigorate your gaming setup with these Prime Day deals on Samsung's CRG9 beast and Samsung's Odyssey range. Such is the quality of these monitors that any price cuts are worthy of attention, but deep ones like this are incredibly tempting - especially for the quality on offer and the sizeable discounts in place.

Don't fear, UK readers: the monitors are also on offer at Amazon UK too, and also detailed below.

The Odyssey range of monitors has come to be some of the best gaming monitors going since they released last year. Spanning a number of spectrums, including flat and curved screens, and ranging in loads of sizes from 27-inches to 49-inch behemoths, there's something for everyone. And just stepping slightly aside from the Odyssey range, you'll also find the famous Samsung CRG9 ultra-wide screen on offer today. Very nice.

The curved variants are really some of the best curved gaming monitors, offering immersion enhancing panels that will draw you into your games, wrapping them around you. Team such fancy design with solid gaming speeds in regards to low response rates and high refresh rates, and throw in Samsung's know-how when it comes to displays - they do make a lot of the best gaming TVs after all - and you are in for a treat with any of these panels.

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US Samsung Odyssey gaming monitor deals

Samsung CRG9 gaming monitor | 49" QHD | 4ms 120Hz | $1,500 $899.99 at Amazon (save $600!)

Samsung CRG9 gaming monitor | 49" QHD | 4ms 120Hz | $1,500 $899.99 at Amazon (save $600!)
It looks like this is the lowest ever price Amazon US, and what a deal this is, considering the prohibitively normal list price. This has got solid gaming chops as a monitor, but will also fill out a whole desk and be great for work, play, and creativity too.


Samsung G5 gaming monitor | 32" QHD 144Hz 1000R | 1ms 165Hz | $350 $294 at Amazon
A terrific ultra-wide monitor without going to the super-size, this variant of the G5 is a seriously good deal at just under 300 bucks. This is easily one of the best ways into Samsung's premium gaming monitor ranges - they only came out last year remember so are chock full of features and the latest tech.

UK Samsung Odyssey gaming monitor deals


Samsung Odyssey G7 monitor | 32" 1440p 1000R | 1ms 240Hz | £550 £429 at Amazon UK (save £121)
A great deal in the UK, too, with a very attractive price cut. This is a terrific monitor and features some seriously great speeds and tech - as well as Samsung's panel know-how and expertise. We have no problems recommending this.


Samsung Odyssey G5 monitor | 34" WQHD 1000R | 1ms 165Hz | £500 £399 at Amazon UK
This 100R curved beast is on offer in the UK now too, and at less than £400, you can't beat the value it offers. Samsung quality, solid specs, and in a 'more compact' ultrawide package? Yes, please. The 27-inch flat-screen variant is also on offer today at £239.


Samsung CRG9 ultrawide monitor | 49" QHD | 4ms 120Hz | £1,100 £879 at Amazon UK (save £221)
The famous CRG9 is a fantastic ultrawide monitor. It often has quite the scary price tag too, so this discount is very welcome. If you want to make the jump to ultra-wides, with a great panel, this could be the deal for you this summer.


Samsung Odyssey G9 monitor | 49" 1440p 1000R | 1ms 240Hz | £1,280 £1,049 at Amazon UK (save £231)
The largest of the Odysseys, the G9, is also on offer in the UK and serves as the cream of the crop of Samsung's premier monitor family. The curve on this thing is borderline ridiculous but the qualities it offers will give you no regrets.

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