These are the best PS4 games in the EU PlayStation Store Summer Sale


Wherever you are in the northern hemisphere, there's a very good chance it's too hot to leave your home. Luckily Sony has a tried-and-true method for providing climate-related relief: a good old fashioned EU PlayStation Store Summer Sale. And it's a pretty good one, as you're about to see.

I went ahead and picked out the best deals for PS4 games right here. Each one has a snippet of our official review snippet, click the links if you want to read the full version.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was £34.99, now £19.99: "The Witcher 3 is at its best when you choose solely to wander, taking sidequests from peasants and contracts from town noticeboards. Freed from the convolutions of the main plot, it's a varied and exciting realisation of the Ronin fantasy."

FIFA 16 was £39.99, now £15.99: "Although marginally slower then before, with a greater focus on build-up play, a slight loss of arcade appetite is a small price to pay for FIFA 16’s for fresh balance."

Fallout 4 was £49.99, now £29.99: "Maybe I won't tick everything off the list but just trying to see what’s out there is the real draw - for all the missions, quests and other stuff Fallout 4 contains, by far the most important thing in it are the decisions I’ve made. Few games nail a feeling of total freedom and this is an experience made of nothing but that."

Bloodborne was £34.99, now £19.99:  "The bleak, oppressive, but somehow innately beautiful world of Yarnham aligns so perfectly with the disturbing energy of Demon’s and Dark Souls that it feels like the series’ spiritual home."

The Last of Us Remastered was £39.99, now £24.99: "After years of bold claims from multiple parties, it could be argued that The Last of Us is the first truly mature interactive narrative in the action genre."

Destiny: The Taken King - Legendary Edition was £44.99, now £21.99: "Destiny – the currently complete version of Destiny – is one of the most generous, eclectic, and heavily packed FPS offerings of the last generation or so."

Until Dawn was £49.99, now £29.99: "Indeed, one of my most terrifying experiences of Until Dawn was during the finale. I was gripping my controller with white knuckles and trying not to pass out as I foolishly decided to hold my breath at the same time."

Batman: Arkham Knight was £44.99, now £19.99: "Rocksteady has finally made a game where I can do everything that Batman does in the opening of the ‘90s Animated Series. I can turn up in a Batmobile, glide out, beat up some thugs and then pose dramatically as I gaze across Gotham City’s skyline."

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